Monday, July 14, 2014

Blogging the Menu: 21 Day Sugar Detox Day 9

I'm pretty sure that anyone who read this blog and didn't know I work third shift would think the way I eat is really disordered.  Truthfully, it probably is, but when your days and nights are flipped every other week you just kind of do what you must to not be starving or have awful heartburn.  For me that means long periods of fasting punctuated by small meals.  HA!  Whaddya know?  I'm an intermittent faster and I wasn't even trying!

So last night I had this super-fantastic lunch/breakfast packed.
So cute, just nestled in my bag.

I started out with the hard boiled eggs I didn't eat the other night.  Cafeteria eggs are the only ones I can peel, and since they're only a quarter a piece I can't really justify boiling a dozen at home and then systematically reducing them to egg shrapnel.

There is something really cleansing about strong black coffee.

I made Vanilla Bean 'n Oatmeal from the Detox cookbook on Sunday.  It isn't really oatmeal at all, but it gives that appearance-hence the name.  I usually have some walnuts sprinkled on, but I forgot the non spicy ones at home so it was straight up banana.  At this point, chia pudding tastes like fucking candy.  With the banana?  OMG it's DESSERT!  You're leftover grocery store cake in the break room fridge?  Can suck it. This recipe makes a pretty sizable batch as well. Some chia pudding recipes claim they are 4 servings but are maaaaaaybe two.  This one is certainly four, especially eaten with sliced banana and nuts.  One of my favorites.  Just really delicious and filling.

Oh, banana.  How my detoxing heart loves you.

I had the last of the apple/carrot hash for breakfast in the morning.  I love hearing people around me say "What smells so good?" when I heat up my "weird" leftovers.  It validates the fact that food can be awesome even if it is somewhat unexpected.  I'll make this one makes such a nice big batch and keeps really well.  I obviously didn't have a runny egg to eat with it, but it was still damn good.
mmmmmmmm.  apple-y.

The girl child had her girl scout bridging from Daisy scouts to Brownies this afternoon.  When I was a Brownie you had a full on dress with a white and brown GS logo shirt and a sash to go over it.  It was required to wear that shit.  Now they get a vest.  Modern times, sigh.  We had the shindig at Kidz Town off Velp and I have to say that's a neat little place.  It's on the wavelength of the Children's Museum but scaled down.  Lots of toys and dress up and different play areas, but less expensive and with magic and balloon animals.  Today I learned that men use balloon animals to pick up chicks.  This lowers my estimation of my gender.  If you are turned on by balloon animals, we can't be friends.  

Let me say that parties can be pretty full of suck when you're detoxing.  No booze, no cake...suck.  Today at the party I had a couple of natural casing hot dogs (which were really awesome, if I'm being honest) and a meat cookie.  Thassit.  Because even the goddamn fruit bowl is off limits.  Today wasn't too bad, though.  Yes, there were chips and pasta salad and dessert, but I was fine.  The kids got balloons, we watched a little magic show, and there was also face painting.  Here is a picture of one of my boys.  I'm only posting the one picture, because they were both painted the same way and they are twins.  Every picture I took of our newly baked Brownie (seriously, the troop leaders constructed an oven and baked them into Brownies-it was cute as hell) was blurry as shit.

He is BATMAN, motherfucker.

So now it's back to the grind.  Two more shifts after tonight and I get my week off.  I can't wait to cook!  Tomorrow night I'm going to give the chicken strips from the Detox cookbook a go.  I've had middling results with paleo "breading" in the past, but this recipe calls for less almond flour and more arrowroot so I'm curious to see the result.

Oh, and a little product review of a commercially available paleo-friendly mayo:  Sir Kensington brand mayo makes a chipotle version in addition to their regular and the husband says it's pretty boss.  I got it on Amazon, because I really try to never leave my house.

Now I just need to bake up some sweet tater fries to dip in that spicy goodness.

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