Sunday, July 13, 2014

Blogging the Menu: 21 Day Sugar Detox Day 8

This is going to be one of those "don't judge me" blogs.  My eating today was minimal at best, but I slept pretty much all day so that's why.  Also we need groceries, which I'm shopping for on my way home tomorrow after work.  I'm looking forward to my off week so I have time to cook and eat actual meals instead of cobbled together leftovers!

Last night I had a lunch with me, which was fortunate as there is still quite a bit of junk food lying about.  I had leftover Weeknight Chicken Soup around 1am because I was hungry and cold which is a bad combo. This did not disappoint as leftovers.  It smelled great and tasted better.

I am absolutely making this again.

I had some paleo "cereal" mixed with applesauce for breakfast around 6am.  I really like this stuff.  It's got a little cinnamon in it and has an ever so slightly sweet taste.  The texture is dead on as well.  It was aces mixed with unsweetened applesauce.  The brand is Paleo On the Go or Paleo to Go or something like that.  I'll post a picture of the bag at some point.

Looks like barf.  Trust me-it's great.

After work I caught a couple hours sleep and we went to the box for the fundraiser.  I deliberately wore jeans and floppies so I couldn't be conned into WODing.  It's a good thing, too, because the first person I ran into when I walked into the building tried to pull me onto a four man team!  I would've been less than worthless in a competition WOD after working all night.  

The kids bounced in the bounce houses and the husband and I did some socializing/spectating for a couple of hours.  We kicked in a few bucks for burgers and chips for the kids.  I bid on some silent auction stuff.  I won a basket of box shirts from the area, furthering my goal of owning only running and CrossFit related clothing.  My wardrobe consists primarily of scrubs (pajamas), sweats (more pajamas), running clothes, and shirts and tanktops covered with stupid sayings about weightlifting and/or logos for CF boxes and gear.  You'd think that at age 36-going-on-37 that I'd have an adult wardrobe, but I don't.  I dress worse now than when I was in college. I only own two "real" bras...all the rest are sports bras. I need to embrace the dress.  One piece, available with a built in bra, underpants optional.  That's probably never going to happen.  I look weird in maxi-dresses.  Like I'm wearing a slightly-too-short bag.

Lunch was a brat.  

It looks so sad.

Then we came home and I slept until 7pm.  I can't run that fan in our room. It's like some sort of freaky sedative drug.  I turn it on and just tune the fuck out forever.

Then again, I am basically a sloth.  I'd never move around at all if I could get food without standing up.

So we washed the spawn and read stories, I washed up and then realized I needed to put something in my system so I would't pass out.  This is what I picked.

Meat cookie with mustard frosting.

Again, because I am super lazy.  I could've heated up some fish and green beans, but I was like "Fuck it.  Meat cookie."

I am pretty excited about the items I put up for auction.  My 5:15 WOD buddies came through with some great bids for the custom socks and knitting lesson.  I get to make some socks for a friend (can't wait to see what color she picks!) and teach another friend to knit.  I'm just secretly creating my own knit night circle. Soon they'll all be 90 years old like me (cue evil laughter...).

From what I understand, the fundraiser was a huge success.  I'm glad I was able to help a little bit.  A big congratulations to all you badasses that competed today!  You are all awesome!

Night 4 of 7 in progress.  It's all down hill from here.  

I have a pretty good lunch packed, so I'll be avoiding all the stuff that remains in the breakroom (again? still?) without too much bother I hope.  

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