Saturday, January 31, 2015

Blogging 2015: 150 down, 1865 to go.

Yep, I only did 2 miles today.  Sue me.  It was workout 3 of 3 and I just wanted a nice round number for my monthly total, which meant either 2 or 7 miles.  I thought about 7 miles, then I fell off the treadmill because I was laughing so hard.

Saturdays when fantastic husband is off are the greatest.  It means I can go to the 815 free WOD at the box without having to drag the spawn.  The kids love going to CF, but the Saturday morning workout is open to the public (although there's always a shitload of regulars) and it's usually really fucking crowded.  Like hard to find a parking space, so many bodies in the room that you're stepping on each other, spend 20 minutes catching up with all the people you haven't seen in a while crowded.  It's pretty great.

Got up around 6:30, just ahead of the kids and husband and let the dog outside while I unpacked my Vitamix. I went to Pinterest and called up a recipe for a breakfast smoothie.  Berry oatmeal smoothie. Get in my belly.  The recipe makes 2 servings, so I had one pre-WOD and the other pre-yoga.

1/2c oats
1c unsweetened almond milk
1 banana
1c frozen berries
2tbsp Sunbutter

And blitz. Bonus points for mason jar and metal straw.  It was pretty damn tasty.

Such a pretty color.

The workout this morning was a birthday WOD for one of the members.  A 39 minute AMRAP of 100m partner carries, 31 pushups, 76 partner burpees.  You can read that as "you will taste blood".  Now, this is a pretty nice guy, but I sort of wanted him dead from the outset.  The two coaches this morning are particularly good-looking young men, the type that you'd feel bad punching in the face.  You know.  If you had the energy after essentially beating yourself up.  It was a partner workout (obvs).  I'm going to tell you right now that all CrossFitters pretty much go through life sizing up people and objects, trying to decide if he or she could pick that shit up.  This scrutiny becomes much more intense when a partner WOD is announced.  Because now you actually have to pick that shit up. And carry it.  And maybe worse...someone has to pick you up and carry you. There are few times in life when it is acceptable to sidle up to someone in a public place and say "Sooo, ummmm....what do you weigh?" And if you find someone who weighs the same as you?  Relief city.  The only better thing is ending up paired with someone who is super strong but also small, though that can backfire if you're a lot taller.  And let's face it...I'm pretty much always taller.  As it stood, my partner and I were pretty well matched.  Winning.  We weighed almost exactly the same.  Her ass is smaller for some reason, but I'll try not to hold that against her.

39 minutes later I just kinda wanted to lay on the floor.  But instead I shot the breeze with some folks for a while, then grabbed my pre-yoga smoothie and headed over to Jenstar for some more sweating.

I am super excited to be drinking this in the car.

I'm not really a heavy sweater in general, but hot yoga leaves me wringing wet.  Static holds pretty much mean sweat in my eyes.  After all those pushups and burpees, my chaturangas were pretty poor.  I skipped a lot of them.  Straight into downward dog, baby.  I'm listening to my body and it is saying HAVE YOU LOST YOUR DAMN MIND?  Still, the stretching is always good. I smelled pretty damn great after two solid hours of crazy.

This is my "I'm so tired I can't remember how to start my car" face.

When I got home I crammed an apple, a cup of pineapple, a cup of almond milk, and two huge handfuls of spinach into the Vitamix.  Lunch was served.  If you like pina might enjoy this but probably not as it's not much like a pina colada at all.  I drank the whole blenderful.  Calorie count? 188.  And it was very, very filling.  I probably should've put some protein powder in it or something. Ah well.  It really was quite tasty, sweet and pineapply.  Didn't taste "green" to me at all.  

Oh Vitamix. I heart you already.

Fantastic husband went out for a run and I got on the treader to get 2 miles for my 150 mile month.  Most miles I've had in a month ever.  I'm pretty proud of that.  I had a little post run snack.

There's that missing protein.

I almost forgot.  Here's me looking really happy about being on the treadmill.

2 miles. Just 2. 

Fantastic husband is going to a drag show with one of the local news anchors tonight (no, seriously) and we didn't really have a dinner plan, so we made grilled ham and cheese and I had some leftover sprouts.  I can't remember the last time I had a grilled ham and cheese.  It was delicious.

Comfort food.

I bought grapes at Costco yesterday, and Costco grapes are kind of hit or miss.  I pawed through the stacks until I found a box I thought looked promising and I chose well.  These are crispy sweet and delicious.  I am also now uncomfortably full.  I've gone to bed at 8pm the last 2 nights, and I might do the same again tonight. Tomorrow I'm only planning to run as I've got a shitload of laundry to do and some serious cleaning to start.  I also have to make cookies for my daughter's Scout meeting on Monday.  


Last week before vacation!  I really need to find my passport.  This week I will do all the exercises! And get a haircut! And a pedicure! Because my feet are disgusting.

Really, I'm going to have to tip big.

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