Sunday, March 1, 2015

Blogging 2015: 229 down, 1786 to go

229? Seriously?  I have to start looking at my totals before I go out for a run.  My obsessive side is not dealing well with these numbers.

This past week has gone pretty well, I've made it to CF twice, I've gotten my runs in, and I went to yoga today for some deep stretching.  Right now my hamstrings are pretty angry with me, but they'll get over it.  I'm going to do a 30 day ab challenge for March because the fact that toes to bar are no longer in my repertoire annoys the piss out of me and intensive work on my core is really the only way to solve that shit.

Oh, and it's also No Buy March.  I'd posited on Facebook that I could go an entire month without purchasing anything that was not a true necessity.  For example: workout gear, beauty products, yarn, scrubs, and shoes.  Those are things I do not need. What I already own is sufficient and I have a bad habit of "picking up" things that I don't actually require.  Now, if I run out of soap (I won't) or dandruff shampoo (I probably will, and yes I have dandruff) or something breaks and I don't have a back up I will purchase it.  I will pay the bills (mortgage, household stuff, gym membership) but I won't spend money on stupid shit (coffee, cafeteria food).  I'm trying to save enough money to pay off my student loans before my 40th birthday and eliminating useless spending will go a long way toward achieving that goal.

Today I went to warm stretch yoga at 9am.  I was going to go to CF for broga, but it's fucking cold in there and I was really, really locked up so I figured I'd have better luck in a heated yoga studio.  It was certainly helpful.  I had some oats with PB2 and raisins for breakfast.

I've been experimenting with smaller portions of oatmeal. 
So far, so good.

A couple of days ago we made Italian wedding soup.  I say we because I made the stock in the crockpot (I put in a chicken carcass or two, a quartered lemon, a quartered onion, a couple of sad sack carrots, a celery stalk, some garlic, sea salt, parsley flake, and pepper and let it ride for 8 hours on low) and fantastic husband assembled the spicy meatballs and noodles and spinach.  Leftover wedding soup looks weird, but it tastes fantastic.  

From scratch soup, son.

After lunch I went out for a 4 miler.  It was hilly and there was a headwind on the way out and the way back (I run a loop) but it was almost 30 degrees and sunny, so I wasn't going to complain too much.  I miss running outside.  I'm slow as shit, but I don't care.  I didn't even wear my watch.  My hamstrings...oh, my hamstrings.

My clearance Nike running shirt.

After my run I sat down and had some water, then realized I was still kind of hungry so I had a Chobani Flip. Greek yogurt with a little sidecar of mix ins.  They all run around 200 calories, and the flavor combinations are interesting.  This one was coconut yogurt with slivered almonds and dark chocolate pieces to mix in. Delicious.  All the flavors are pretty tasty, and the mix ins run from granola and nuts to chia seeds.  Peach and pistachio, blueberry granola and chia, etc.  Not paleo, but good, and that's where I'm at.  I wasn't dropping weight on a straight paleo diet, so I'm tweaking for weight loss.  I'm pretty sure I could rig these up on my own with plain greek yogurt, so I'm taking notes.

It's like dessert, but with protein.

The monthly menu called for chili today, which is fantastic husband's domain.  He was a good boy and bought some beer, as I love a beer with a bowl of chili.  Hoppy goodness with an ABV of 7.5% which is why I felt a little silly after drinking this.  Don't judge me, I hadn't eaten since 1pm.  

This beer is deranged.  Says so on the label.

The chili was excellent as always, and never to be repeated because fantastic husband doesn't measure anything.  He can't make it as spicy as we like it because then the kids won't eat it, but it's still pretty delicious.  I got a second beer (6.9% ABV) and fantastic husband said "A second beer?  Does that mean anal tonight?" because he is a fucking romantic. Literally and figuratively.  What it actually means is that I'm going to be feeling very magnanimous during the kids' bathtime and bedtime routine.  I may read a story, this beer is that good.  Then I'll probably just go to sleep.  Which may mean anal.  Who knows.

With cheese, motherfucker.

I also did some sock knitting so my second sock is almost complete.  I love to knit socks, because when the second one is done you can just pull them right on and wear them.  Sweaters not so much.  I have to have a reason to wear a handknit sweater.  My wardrobe consists of sweats and scrubs, so until I finish my big old grandpa cardigan made with acrylic machine wash yarn?  I'm not just pulling on a sweater. Handknit socks are a hug for your feet.  I've made so many now that other than working out I'm pretty much wearing a pair all the time.  I. Love. Socks.

Ok.  Plan for tomorrow is the box for the #fiveonefive then core yoga at 10:30.  Hopefully a little run time in there someplace.  February was only 75 miles after 150 for January, but the week of vacation and then illness made a dent.  It's a year long challenge and there's a lot of year left.  I'm not too worried. Goal for March is a run or walk every single day.  No reason that can't happen.  

Anyone want to join me for No Buy March?  

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