Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blogging 2015: 347 down, 1668 to go

Yep, just walking the kids again. Today instead of running I took my car to the shop to see why it was rattling. Turns out the heat shield had come loose and was banging against the drive shaft. Noisy, but no big deal to fix. I also need new brake pads and there's a leaking seal somewhere, but both things can be done next week and won't cost overly much. Not bad on a more than 7 year old car. I looked at the newest model of my current vehicle today. Aside from tweaking the dash, not much is different. Good. No need to update.

Though I have been pricing BMWs late at night. That's just pie in the sky shit, though. What the fuck would I do with a Beamer?

This morning I made pancakes for the kids, who ate huge quantities of them before I walked the girl child to school. Then I made myself a nice breakfast pre-WOD. Today was CF total (maxing out three different lifts) and I wanted to be full of protein instead of anxiety.

Look familiar?

So I took the boys and headed to the box.  I don't think I've ever made a CF total day. It's always fallen on a day I can't go, so I wasn't sure what to expect. It was fun. Just piles of plates everywhere and lots of success for everyone. 

I'm going to start by saying I'm a shitty squatter. I don't sit back on my heels enough and I rely on my quads to much. A couple of weeks ago one of the coaches fixed my form and I had a couple of scary days learning to trust my hamstrings. My 1 rep max back squat before today was 115# which is a laughable number. As big and heavy as I am, I should be able to squat a lot more. A lot more.  Today I hit 130# and failed 135 twice. That's still a dismally low number, but I got above 125# which was a major mental block for me. Now I feel like the sky's the limit. I watched people hit much, much higher numbers than that today...but I'm happy with mine. 

Shoulder press was a 2# PR. Previously I could press 65, today 67. Not a big increase, but an increase nonetheless. I'll take it.

Deadlift. I 1 rep maxed this a couple of weeks ago. I want a 200# really bad. I went 190 at the beginning of the month and today I got 195. It was ugly as shit but I got it. 200 is so close I can taste it. Again, so many others were hoisting much bigger weights, but my numbers are my numbers and they made me proud today.

I also did GHDs, because it was GHD day damn it. They sucked pretty hard today though.

After the gym we hustled home so I could get lunch on for the boys and get them to school. Yes these are leftover pancakes from breakfast. Yes that's peanut butter on them. Shut up.

Meh, it's food.

I went to the dealership and started my second sparkly purple sock while they dicked around with my vehicle, then made it home in time to realize that Broadchurch was on last night and watch the first 10 minutes which left me with a giant WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? and then I had to get the kids. Which means I can't watch the rest of the episode until late tonight or I won't be able to hear it at all. It takes place in Scotland. If I can't concentrate I can't understand the dialogue at all. David Tennant is sexy as hell shouting in his full Scots brogue, but I can't understand it at all unless it's quiet. Three small kids and a dog is pretty much the antithesis of quiet. 

After picking up the smalls and getting them a snack, I colored while the girl child did her math homework. Then we went outside and I played fetch with the dog for an hour. An hour. An hour of full on sprinting around the yard and she isn't phased at all. 

I folded laundry, then made dinner. Leftover burritos for the smalls and fish and veg for me. 

Toaster oven FTW.

I made popcorn for the smalls and started Planes: Fire and Rescue. They tossed popcorn to the dog and all seems to be well. I'm enjoying a lovely adult beverage and trying not to think about the water in the basement. There's a basement guy coming tomorrow to see if he can figure out where the water is coming from. I hope it's a simple solution, because I don't want to spend a fortune on foundation repair. Maybe we'll be lucky and it'll just be a leaky water heater. My main concern? He's coming at 10:30 which means I might miss going to the gym. Since going to the gym is the only thing that's going to get me out of the house tomorrow, I'm mildly irritated about that. Being an adult really sucks sometimes. It's expensive and boring. Two of my least favorite things. 

Take it eeee-saaaaay.

Now, to knit or to color? I should probably knit. Single socks aren't much use. But I got some nifty new metallic pencils I want to try...

I guess I'm not really an adult after all.

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