Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Blogging 2015: 346 down, 1669 to go

That's right. One mile less. And only because I walked back and forth to school a couple of times today.

I got up and did the usual morning routine with the smalls, then took the girl child to school. I made myself breakfast.

The usual.

Then I dragged the boys to the box.  They did well. So did I. I PR'd my split jerk at 115#. It's not much, but it's a PR and it's mine. The WOD was one I modified more than I should have. I could've done that with a 14# ball but I scaled to 10 thinking 21 reps x 3 rounds was going to be really awful, but it really wasn't. I am proud that I did a 55# OHS which is probably my weakest thing.  Nowhere near the Rx weight, but again, a biggish deal for me. 

After the workout I put C up on the rig and told him to see if he could touch the bar with his toes. He proceeded to do a perfect strict Toes to Bar. Little bastard.

We hustled home and I put lunch on the table for the boys and made myself a salad. I had a hair appointment at noon and I had to choose between showering beforehand and eating. Eating always wins in that scenario. Always. Plus, I know my stylist through the gym, so she's cool like that.

I could drink this vinaigrette. Srsly.

I took the boys to school, then hopped in the car to make my appointment. On the way I ate a disappointing plum.  I'm always so sad when a piece of fruit that I'm really anticipating ends up tasting cruddy. You know, an apple that looks so appealing but ends up being mealy, or a peach that seems so perfect but ends up pithy. This plum was such a pretty color and it's been such a long time since I had one...and it fell completely flat. Sadness.

Bitterness, they name is plum.

So I got my hair did. Color touch up because while I am not gray, I was blond not too long ago and color fades, yo. So I got darkened down and trimmed up. Now I look a bit more put together. I was approaching "Middle Aged Woman Who Can't Be Bothered Anymore" hair. You know what I mean. Shapeless, lifeless, "fuck it" hair. Then I showered, because fantastic husband came home today.

I mean, I'm wearing a running shirt and sweats, but at least I'm clean. 

So I got the kids, brought them home and helped with homework while coloring, then we took them back across town for CF kids. P&C were sad because they got to go to CF twice today and "Sister only gets to go ONE TIME".  We didn't walk today, just hung out, because there is some freaky apocalyptic weather happening out there today and I don't want to be struck by lightening in a blizzard while walking around an industrial park. That's a shit way to die.

We came home and had ham.


And because my uterus has calmed down considerably, I decided to placate her into further submission with these sea salt and dark chocolate caramels. Which are fucking delicious. Thanks Costco!

I'm fully aware that this is not possible, unlike some state legislators.

So there you have it. My supercalifragelisticexpialidocious day. Tomorrow it's back to the box at 0915, then to the mechanic to see what the fuck is rattling around in my car's nether regions.

I should probably clean my car out a bit.

There's a lot of empty water bottles and bacon containers on the floor of the front seat.

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