Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Blogging 2015: 335 down, 1680 to go

I've been to the box three days in a row. Maybe I'll take tomorrow off. If it's nice it might be a good idea to go for a long run. We shall see. The beauty of not working until 2130 is I can see where the day takes me, as long as it takes me back to bed for a decent nap at some point.  This week I only have to work 4 days, so as of Monday at 0730 I'm free as a bird until the following Thursday. Pretty rad, right? Right.

Last night at about 10:30pm, P came stumbling into my room with tears in his little eyes and babbled incoherently about 4K and playing outside and something about playing fetch. Basically he wasn't awake. I let him ramble a bit and then asked "Do you just want me to tuck you back in?" and I got a very sleepy "Yeeesssss". So that's what I did.  Some time in the wee hours of the morning C crawled into bed with me. I wasn't conscious of him until I realized I was fighting someone for the covers.  I was cold, so I pulled the comforter above my shoulders, then somehow they slid down again. So I pulled them up...and they slipped down again. I rolled over and smack my hand met a small soft object. A friggin' kid. He wasn't awake, but whenever I pulled the covers up higher they would go over his head so he pulled them down again.  Little bastard stole one of my pillows, too.  There might be a stuffed animal in the dark recesses of the foot of the bed as well as "little puppy" has gone missing.

Once everyone was up we did the usual morning routine, girl child off to school, boys watching PBS while I made my breakfast.

There were more berries at the outset.

Since fantastic husband had class today I took the boys with me to the box. Today was backsquats, rowing, and GHDs on the spankin' new rigs. My squats went great, I actually rowed pretty well, and the new GHDs are aces. When I extended down on the first GHD, my sore ass abs felt like they were going to tear free. Holy shit that was a bizarre feeling. 

After class I took the spawn and hightailed it home for lunch before taking them to school. They had PB&J, I had leftover quesadillas. I swear I took a picture, but clearly not. Oh well. Use your imagination. I dropped them off and headed over to Jenstar for lunch hour flow. Got some good stretching and balance work in, then skittered back home to relax for a bit before retrieving the kids from school.

Sweatpants and beer at 1pm. #swag

So we got the smalls, gave them a snack, and at 4pm we packed them up and took them to CF kids. They were thrilled as usual to go, red faced and bitching about how unfair it is that they have to leave at the end.  While they were being whipped into shape, fantastic husband and I went for a walk. Not a lot of dating profiles are going to say "Enjoys long walks around industrial parks at rush hour", but wherever we are it's nothing but motherfucking romance. Sometimes we even hold hands. 

Dinner was leftovers as we continue our crusade to clean out the fridge and attack the freezer. Meatloaf and roasted broccoli for me. I was starving before dinner, but this filled me right up. Definitely making this recipe again, it's really good and the kids fucking loved it.

Tiny florets because I used the toaster oven and they cook faster.

I swear I washed every goddamn thing in this house yesterday, so today we washed the kids so they could be clean bodies in clean jammies in clean beds.  Fantastic husband read a story and I laid on P's new bed ("You can lay here if you want, Mommy, I don't mind") with him beside me to listen. Midway through the story P slung his arm across my shoulders, leaned over, and kissed me on the forehead. It was so fucking cute I could punch a bunny.  Just when you're ready to toss them off a bridge in a burlap sack, they do something endearing so you decide to keep feeding them. 

I am very sore. I think even my scalp hurts today. Also I showered today, which I feel is a major accomplishment. 

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