Sunday, April 12, 2015

Blogging 2015: 325 down, 1690 to go

Only about 20 miles since my last blog, and considering I did 12 today that should tell you how my distance is coming along. I did pass the 1700 mark which is cool, but I clearly have a lot of work to do for the rest of the year. I haven't been running much, but I have been CrossFitting and Yogaing quite a bit lately.

Right now we have an extreme First World Problem at our house. We have way too much food. Way, way too much food.  Every year we get a whole cow from a friend's dad.  Last year our cow was about 700 pounds, and we ate nearly all of it before this one arrived. This year's cow yielded 856 pounds of beef. EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY SIX POUNDS.  Now, we have a gigantic freezer.  It's easily large enough to hold six children or three Northeastern Wisconsin sized adults. The freezer is packed full. It can literally hold no more. We moved all our other incidental frozen stuff into the freezer attached to the fridge. A ham, some leftover ground pork from last August's pig, all my freezer meals, popsicles, waffles, frozen berries, etc. The inside freezer (which I'll grant you might hold two toddlers...maybe) is packed so full I'm afraid to open it. I had to thaw all my freezer meals, so we're eating those all week. The fridge is jammed full of leftovers, fruit, and veg.  It's embarrassing, but we have so much food that I don't know what to do. DO YOU LIKE YOUR DINNER? HAVE SECONDS!!! We can't even start making a dent in the new beef until we eat up all the other stuff that won't fit in the freezer.

First. World. Problems.

We even sacrificed a shitload of frozen pizzas because we simply had nowhere to go with them. (They went to fantastic husband's work).

This morning I was hoping to sleep in, as it' know...Sunday.  HA. The boys were beating down my door at ten minutes to six. They got new beds yesterday and put themselves to bed early last night in their eagerness to sleep in the new beds.  That was cool and all, but for fuck's sake can I not sleep past 6am ever? I managed to fend them off until about 6:30, but that was it.

Since we had to pull the loaf of frozen bread out of the garage (see previous paragraph) we have two "active" loaves of bread on the counter. I decided to make french toast as that uses up lots of bread and eggs (which we also have a shitload of right now).  The kids at the shit out of it and there was even some left over for fantastic husband and myself. I haven't had french toast in an age. It was pretty good. With butter and real maple syrup.

I put vanilla and cinnamon in the egg mixture.

I had a couple of cups of coffee and then got ready to run. I ran the arboretum chip trail and a little spur through the neighborhood.  I got a little over 7 miles and felt pretty good.  It was warm, but not unpleasant. I'm ready to start seeing signs of spring. The arb trail was nice and springy, just a few mushy spots, but there wasn't a whisper of greenery at all. I'm hoping these few warm days will cause the trees to bud. It smells like spring, but it sure as hell doesn't look like it.

Covered in salt. Summer's comin'

Oh, I had a banana before I went for my run. I used to eat bananas all the time, but lately it's hard to choke them down (that's what she said). I don't know why, exactly, but I just...can't.  I got today's banana down, but it was a struggle.

Just one 'nana.

I was pretty hungry when lunch rolled around.  Look at this lovely balanced lunch. It's fucking beautiful.

Bistro quality, bitches.

Then I grabbed a shower and headed outside to play fetch with the dogger for a while.  An hour actually, and she wasn't even phased.

You have to give me the damn thing, dog.

Our yard is still swamped and squashy down in the corner. Still not a hint of green. The dog practically disappears.

THROW THE TOY! Oh wait. Iz here at my feets.

The kids had a short nap, then we got them up for snack time and took them (and the dog) out for a 2.5ish mile walk. Kids got some park time and fantastic husband and I got to walk together for a while.

Granola bar with Justin's hazelnut butter on it. Divine.

Since we're eating through the freezer meals, tonight was chicken quesadillas. Tasty, if not terribly colorful.

Woo! Cleanin' out the fridge!

After supper we went out for another 2.5 miles. It was such a lovely evening, and who knows when we'll have another. Could be tomorrow, could be June. 

Tomorrow I've got CF (probably 9:15) and yoga at 10:30.  I'll be doing some GHDs tomorrow, too. I can still feel every muscle fiber in my obliques after the last round.

Kids will be going to CF kids (and they are so excited!!!!).  In bigger news, fantastic husband is going to OnRamp in May!  Only took 3 years and family pricing to wear him down.

My legs are sore.

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