Thursday, April 2, 2015

Blogging 2015: 305 down, 1710 to go

It's the beginning of my work week, so things could be spotty up in here. Fantastic husband took the kids to daycare early, so I slept in until almost eight o'clock. Eight o'clock. I don't know who's life I stumbled into, but it's pretty rad.

So I woke up in a leisurely way, made myself a bowl of oats and almond butter, and got ready to go to the gym.

With a little protein powder.

Now, I've noted before that oatmeal prior to a hard workout leaves me hungry and a little light headed.  I thought adding protein powder might help, but I was wrong. Pretty wrong, actually.  I didn't look at the WOD before I went today, so I didn't notice it was a 20 minute AMRAP. That's a long ass time. The skill work was handstands and L-hangs, so I was already a little lightheaded (from the upside down of it all) before we started the real fun. About 13 minutes into the workout I started getting the cold sweats which precedes the passing out.  I kept moving and drank water, and I finished...but had I eaten smarter I could've gone a lot harder. Stupid oats. Lesson learned...look at the WOD and don't eat oats before CrossFit. Afterwards I wanted to EAT ALL THE THINGS! but first I had to run an errand. Then I came home and had a big fat pile of eggs with a little cheese, also some cajun spice, avocado, and a great big fucking delightful grapefruit.  


Since I have to work tonight, I decided to take the dog out for 3 miles in an effort to get her to sleep a little this afternoon. It worked pretty well.  I kicked back in the chair, she mashed herself in next to me, and we had a nice snooze. 

Kindly ignore my big meaty leg.

I did get a couple of hours of serious sleep before getting up to food prep prior to picking up the spawn. I made Southwest Turkey Burgers and packaged them up with broccoli and sweet potato for the week. I ate one for dinner and the kids opted to clean up some leftovers. I added a little salsa and avocado (because I bought a big bag of those bitches and they are all coming ripe at once). I gave the kids some broccoli and the boys actually ate it without complaint (L always eats it)? You know why? I told them it was Coach Grant's favorite vegetable. I'm going to start using that for everything. 

This was a lot of food.
I was a lot of hungry.

So now I'm just kicked back watching Jeopardy. I love Jeopardy. I feel as though that doesn't make me old. Loving Wheel of Fortune makes a person old. I'll watch it, but I don't love it. It's a fine line, but a line nonetheless. 

I did do a bit of laundry today, likely more tomorrow. My problem is I don't like to put laundry away, and then I get pissy because I can't find my favorite clothes. I declare tomorrow "Put Your Goddamn Laundry Away" day. Maybe if I'm feeling motivated I'll go to the gym for an evening workout. We shall see, we shall see. 


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