Monday, April 13, 2015

Blogging 2015: 327 down, 1688 to go

Not much mileage today, but I did go to the box and yoga. I even did the extra credit GHDs and the inner workings of my core are already pissed at me.

Got up this morning and fantastic husband made eggs for the kids, he offered me some, but if I eat too early I just have to eat again before I work out, so I opted for some coffee instead.  It was raining this morning along with being pretty windy, so girl child got a ride to school.

Once there were fewer people to dodge, I made myself breakfast.  Pretty basic. I got these berries at Costco and they are fantastic. The last batch was giant berries, these were much smaller but also sweeter.


So I WODed, and I GHDed, and I had about 10 minutes to get to yoga, so I slammed my pre-poured almond milk mixed with protein powder and a little glutamine (it's probably voodoo, but I feel like it helps me recover, and it's cheap so what the hell).  I hammered over to the studio and of course caught every fucking red light. I was a minute or two late, but no matter. I was the only one today so I got a bonus one-on-one core yoga session. #winning

Protein up, motherfucker.

Oh, PS I ate these cuties when I got to the box. I was hungry.


After yoga I came home to find my new shoesies had arrived. I used to wear the Launch before it was discontinued and I was so happy when they brought it back. This is the new version, the Launch 2, and I just couldn't pass up the Boston edition.  I mean, they're covered with lobsters. I feel faster already.


So I was straight up starving at this point, and luckily for me there was some salmon and rice/quinoa left over. I roasted some asparagus in the toaster oven and voila, a lovely meal.

Which I shoveled into my face as fast as possible.

I volunteered in the boys' 4K class this afternoon (after a shower, of course, though I did wear sweatpants). We painted rainbows. Working with 4-5 year olds is alternately really cute and really frustrating. Lucky me, today I also got to cut out some house shapes and since I'm super fast at menial tasks, I also got to start drawing the details on them. I am the greatest kindergarten craft whore ever.

Tonight was CF kids, so the spawn were all jacked up. They were barely in the door and already running around. Fantastic husband and I went for a very windy walk while they frolicked. When we came back they were red faced and grinning. Then proceeded to whine that they never get to stay and plaaaaaaay.

When we got home we had another freezer meal, this one is Italian meatloaf with marinara. The kids had meatloaf, green beans, strawberries, and milk. The demolished all of it pretty handily. If there's one thing CF kids is good for, it's increasing appetite. Another bonus? They often fall into bed and crash immediately on CF days. 

Come to think of it, the same thing happens to me.

Slab o' meatloaf. OMNOMNOMNOM.

Full disclosure, I had a Point Root Beer. It was fucking delicious. I don't know what it is with me and root beer lately, but it's so good right now. There are worse things.

Tomorrow will be a trip to the box and a run. Not sure how I'll work out the scheduling of that, but it'll be fine. I'm back in the salt mine on Thursday, but only for 4 nights...then I get TEN DAYS OFF. 

I'll also mention that I took a week plus 3 days off in October, which means I'm going to have 24 days off in a row.  Third shift for the motherfucking win.

I want candy.

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