Thursday, April 16, 2015

Blogging 2015: 340 down, 1675 to go

It's my first day on and these days are always a balancing act. I slept all night (I used to try to stay up late so I could nap more easily, but that bit me in the ass one too many times when I couldn't nap enough so I don't do that anymore) so I'm energetic, but I still need to sleep at some point so I'm not desperately tired at 2am. 2-7am is a long ass time when you're eyes are on fire.

I had a couple of cups of coffee and talked to the fam for a while, then fantastic husband got the boys ready to go to the Y (it's gym day, they love that) and I got dressed to take the dog for a run.  It was kind of cold this morning, but sunny, and I wasn't sure how that was going to play out comfort-wise. It's difficult to dress this time of year, when it's not really warm but it's not really cold. I opted for pants and long sleeves as the air temp was below 40 and better a little too warm than too cold.

Do these stripes go with my LOBSTAHS?

I did 5 miles with the dog. Walked a half mile or so to warm up, then let her drag me for 4 miles with intermittent stopping to stalk birds. She is a bird dog, and watching her stalk them is entertaining. She doesn't realize that her collar jingles when she winds up to pounce and when the birds take flight she turns and looks back at me with accusation all over her face, because clearly the birds left because I suck.  We walked the last half mile so I could catch my breath and she could sniff things.  When we got home I realized I hadn't really eaten anything, so I threw a banana, some oatmeal, some protein powder, almond milk, and a blob of almond butter in the Vitamix and called it breakfast.

Mmmm...chocolate shake. I mean breakfast smoothie.

Then I plopped myself in the chair to drink it and another cup of coffee. The dogger, who spent about 15 minutes racing around the yard after our run, decided to grace me with her presence. She fell asleep and snored in my ear.

And when I moved, she groaned and pawed at me.

When fantastic husband and the kids came back from the Y I had lunch on the table for the boys. So it was lunch and then off to school. We walked them over as the temp had come up pretty significantly, then decided to go out for lunch and run some errands.  Lunch was Cranky Pat's pizza buffet. What is pictured is the sum total of what I ate. I did have two Spotted Cows. Those things are filling. I'm pretty sure that's why I didn't eat more pizza. There, I've invented a new diet plan. Just drink 2 Spotted Cow's before eating pizza and you'll only have 3 small slices. You're welcome.


When you eat pizza buffet at Cranky Pat's, you get an ice cream too. I opted for a twin pop. Fantastic husband didn't want to share it with me, so I enjoyed that frozen HFCS all on my own.

Tastes like childhood.

One of the things we had to do today was go over to Lambeau to pay for our Brown County lottery Packer tickets. I hadn't been over there since they finished the renovation, so we walked around a little and visited the new Pro Shop.  It's a nice remodel, I guess. Probably take a little getting used to, but it's definitely more accessible. 

The Lambeau Leap statue. Very multi-culti.

As we were walking back to the car the alignment of the Curly and Vince statues struck me as funny. It looks like Curly is pointing directly at Vince. 


It may have only been funny because I was a little drunk.

Once we'd finished our outing, fantastic husband took the dog out to play fetch and I went down for my nap. It was such a nice day I feel a little guilty for sleeping part of it away, but it had to be done. I got a couple of hours and woke up in time to enjoy delicious roast chicken.  I win.

Not very exciting looking, but tasty.

So now I'm done writing and the family is out walking the dog. I'm going to take this opportunity to go back to sleep for a bit. I've got about 2 hours until I need to get in the shower.  Not sure what'll to down tomorrow besides sleeping. Depending on how that goes I may make it to the box at noon. Possibly some happy hour yoga. It's weird only working 4 in a row. I won't even have to do laundry!

Monday I get my IUD placed, which will hopefully quiet the angry Vikings in my uterus. If it doesn't I may burn something down. Or eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's. One of the two.

Nap time, bitches.

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