Friday, April 8, 2016

Day 10 of 23: CFGB is My Living Room

Today was biz-zay. I left the house at 7:15am and didn't return until almost 6pm. Getting the kids out the door earlier than usual can be a serious chore, but they did reasonably well this morning. Except for P's left shoe debacle.

It's always a little bizarre when you realize your kids are adopting your mannerisms. I'll freely admit that I'm kind of a shouty mom, and I curse a lot. My daughter has pulled out some curse words here and there (never in public, praise cheeses) but my sons typically do not. This morning P was very frustrated by the fact that he couldn't locate his left shoe. He stood in the entryway in front of the open closet and shouted "I can't find my shoe!" so I responded "Well, if you put it in there it must still be in there. I didn't move it, and I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as shoe fairies."

His response? "Maybe I could find my shoe if L and C didn't leave their shit all over the closet floor!"

I may be guilty of repeatedly uttering the instruction "Put your things away in the front closet-and hang it up, don't just leave your shit all over the closet floor!"

At any rate, we located the shoe and made it out the door in time for me to drop the daycare schedule, ask the daycare teachers if the kids could walk to school with them (I feel bad dropping them off too early, they are still pretty small), and busting ass to the West Side for some lab work. As my program with Nutritional Healing draws to a close, I get all my initial lab work redone to see if anything has changed or improved over the course of 12 weeks of stellar eating. The phlebotomist drew like 10 tubes of blood. It was lightening fast.

Since I was already on the west side, it didn't make sense for me to drive home only to turn around and drive back for CF at 915, so I just went over there. I had packed myself a lunchbox full of stuff since I knew I wouldn't be going home. So I heated up my breakfast and talked about politics with Justin and two other members while I ate. They say you shouldn't talk about politics or religion, but if the people are reasonable I don't see the problem. I think most of us are closer to agreement on many issues than we realize.

This is leftover sweet potato hash from last night, but instead of sausage I added two runny eggs and a cup of mushrooms. Delicious.

Fanciest breakfast this table's ever seen.

Then I walked around with my coffee and avoided doing anything useful for a while. Eventually I foam rolled my legs and back. Today's workout was fun. Rope climbs (which I used to hate but now kind of dig), running (outside in the snow, which was actually okay), hand-stand push-ups (yay), and one heavy-ass deadlift for a 14 minute AMRAP. I got 6 rounds and only kind of rope burned my shins. I loaded my bar with 195#, which was my previous one rep max for deadlift. I'm gonna say it's not anymore.

The 45# plates make me feel like a badass.
Kind of a wussy badass, but whatevs.

After the workout I did some squatting, then had some time to kill before yoga so I watched a friend practice a competition workout and stuffed my face full of peppers and hummus and cheese.

Eating is my life. 

I didn't leave until almost 1130. So I spent the entire morning randomly wandering around the gym. It's not like I didn't work out, but I ate twice and only worked out there's that. I used the microwave and the coffeemaker and the table, it was almost like being at home, except colder.

After leaving CFGB I picked up a couple of magazines to read while I waited for my car to be serviced later on. I was hoping for a copy of The Atlantic, but they seemed to be out. I've never read Reason before, but it was interesting. Clearly a libertarian-leaning publication, but I enjoyed reading it.

PS, Newsweek is super lame.

I went to hot yoga at noon. Lots of hamstringy stuff and twists an back work. All much needed. An exciting development today! WHEEEEEEELLLLLL!!!!! I made it up into wheel! Jen gave me a strap to wrap around my biceps so my elbows wouldn't flare out and BAM! WHEEL! That strap was fucking magic. I was so excited. There may have been squealing. I have a tendency to squeal when excited. It's not very dignified, but all progress is to be celebrated-right? Relentless forward progress, bitches.

Next up was car service. I had a BBE packed, and I picked up a Starbucks on the way to the highway.


Got my car all up to date and shiny. I had initially intended to run during the hour or so I had to wait, but it was near white-out conditions and it felt like a bad idea to run around an unfamiliar area in a blizzard, so I didn't.

Then I headed home up stupid fucking 41. GODS I hate 41. I once passed up a fairly lucrative job offer because it meant I'd have to commute on 41 every day and I can't even with that stupid road. It was snowing, and apparently a semi jack-knifed at the county line. It took an hour and a half to go 20ish miles. 


By the time I picked up the dog and the kids and made it home, it was damn near 6pm and I was spent. My road rage burns hot. It's kind of exhausting. 

When I got home there was a package in the mailbox. The replacement for my favorite pants. It's moment of truth time, people. Size. Small. I did wear my new lulu pants and tank today. It's pretty cool when your clothes fit, I have to say. 

I'll try these on later, after I shower.

I fired up the oven and made fish sticks for the smalls to go with broccoli and blueberries. I threw a piece of salmon on the pan for me. Today's grain serving came in the form of brown rice. This was tasty and filling, if a little basic. 

So well balanced.

The endless stories of small children are much more interesting when told through a glass of wine.

How's your wine, Mommy?

After dinner the kids asked for dessert (as per usual). They ate well with no complaints (hallelujah), so I told them they could have something from their Easter baskets. C decided he wanted some chocolate rabbit. 

"Mom, can I have some chocolate rabbit?"
"Sure, bring it here."
"I want it's head."

Just the head.

I haven't had alcohol in a while. I'm feeling a little silly on half a glass of wine. heeheeheeeeeeee

Still have a few boxes to check, so I'll be mashing this into my pie-hole in a little while.

The cocoa nibs make it fancy. 

I honestly don't remember what I'm doing tomorrow. Running? CF? Yoga? I'll figure it out eventually. I do get to see roller derby for the first time in ages, though. That's pretty cool. 

This snow and stupid cold need to go. My shorts want to come out to play...and as previously mentioned I'm pretty short on pants.

Wow. I need to shower. I'm so disgusting I'm starting to itch.

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