Thursday, April 7, 2016

Day 9 of 23: I Was Fast and Then I Died

Oddly, today went according to plan. That almost never happens. Either something pops up, or I sloth out and don't do what I planned to do (because as I explained in a previous post, I am a Lazy Whore).

I slept in a bit (thanks, Fantastic Husband!), then got up and had coffee and bemoaned the stupid weather we're currently having. Wind and snow do NOT go well with time trials. I made a lovely breakfast.

Hmm. Looks like I photographed my finger. 

I thought about waiting a day or 2 to do my time trial, in hopes that the weather would be better. The last time I did that I ended up waiting almost a week. I couldn't do that this time. It's go time. My "A" half is in 6 weeks and I have another half in 4 weeks. Nate the running guy needed my time so he could devise the utter torture that is the build up before the taper. 

So I got on the treadmill and just cranked it the fuck up. 3 miles. 25:54. Then I laid on the floor and coughed and heaved and questioned my life choices for a while. Maybe like 10 minutes. I wore shorts, and they still fit (praise cheeses), but I did have to cinch the drawstring. That's okay, though. That's what drawstrings are for. Mad props to the fine people at lululemon on their "Speed" shorts. I was dubious about a 2 inch inseam, most of my shorts are 4 inches, but they didn't ride up at all and were comfortable as fuck. I swear those things are made from unicorn pelts because they are just perfect and weightless. And cute. I didn't take a picture. I was trying too hard not to throw up.

Update: I just got the email with my new splits. Fuck. Me. 

After my time trial I cleaned up and went for coffee with a friend. I had a breve, so there went my dairy check box for the day. I'm normally a black coffee person, but I was in the mood to treat myself. With fucking milk. Because that's my life now.

When I got home I decided to head over to the box for the 1230 WOD. I haven't been to a 1230 in ages. It was awesome! I got to see 3 people I haven't talked to forever, and rowing is much more fun when the chit chat is strong (Convo topics today? Sports bras and self tanner.)  

Before I jumped in the car, I grabbed a snack.

The cupholder is just the right size for a pepper.

I did some chit chatting after the workout, so I ended up not getting home until almost 2. I sort of missed the window for lunch, so I just chowed down a BBE. I need to stop eating these. They're turning into a crutch.

But so tasty.

Then we got the spawn from school and settled everyone in for a snack and homework. I got a Stitch Fix box yesterday. I'll let you be the judge.


Then there was this thing. My husband's reaction was "Is that thing inside out or something? What is that?"

Good question. Weird lace under transparent fabric?

This wrap dress was okay I guess? Basic black. Fits fine. Utterly dull. And covered with someone else's deoderant marks. Yup. White marks all over it. Kind of a shitty fabric as well.


But I also got some new lulu (clearance shorts! clearance bra!) to make me feel better. Included was a new pair of stripey leggings. Size 6. Fit like a glove. How does lululemon make everyone's ass look so great? My rearview instantly improved. 

Fantastic husband made dinner while I watched. I am an expert cooking-watcher. I never make suggestions, I just look hungry. Tonight was sweet potato hash with onion and bell peppers, topped off with jalapeno beef kielbasa. Holy shit it was awesome. Thanks, husband! Check boxy as fuck. 

Just spicy enough to make my nose run.

I didn't eat any legumes today. Oops. I also need to eat some more fruit at some point. I'll get to it eventually. Goal right now is to pound about 3 liters of water. I fell behind on my drinking and now I have to make up for it. 

Last night I managed to stay up relatively late. Must've been that nap. Tonight I'll turn in early. Tomorrow morning I have my lab draw for the conclusion of my program. I have to fast for 12 hours before, so early to bed will be key. I'd like to work out after, but that means getting creative with my breakfast and snacks. I'll figure something out. Hmmm...915, yoga at noon, then running while I get my car serviced? Why not? What the fuck else am I doing, right? I'm gonna smell fantastic. 

I discovered a few days ago that Animaniacs is now on Netflix. I've been binge watching it. Obviously the nations have changed somewhat, but this song was my fucking favorite thing. I can't wait to show this cartoon to my kids.

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