Friday, April 15, 2016

Day 16 of 23: I Need to Stop.

Buying pants. I need to stop buying pants.


I justify this by buying only stuff on clearance. I've only purchased one regular price fitness item in this whole endeavor. But clearance stuff adds up, too. Since I pretty much only wear gym clothes this is totally legit though, right?

Don't worry, I haven't spent myself into a hole or turned to a life of crime or anything, but I'm definitely a little out of control. With this delivery I've officially replaced every pair of pants I gave away. I have 6 pairs of perfectly acceptable shorts, and I definitely don't need anymore tanks or shirts for working out.

I'm just giving myself plenty of incentive to stay on the wagon. All part of the grand plan.  No it's not. I just love the shit out of this stripey fabric and I must have it in all the colors OH MAH GAH. 

Yesterday I took a rest day. This is how a rest day looks for me. Sitting in a chair, feet up with my sheepy shirt on. Yarn to my left, laptop open to my knitting website. I drank coffee and worked on my Zodiac blanket. Pretty much all day. I did take the dog for a walk, but that was it.

Resting makes me antsy. If I didn't knit I'd go nuts.

Now, I love doing nothing. I really do, and rest is vitally important to any fitness program. But I haven't taken many full-on rest days lately and it was harder than expected. What saved me was the Hero WOD programmed at the box. "Adrian". I'm not a fan of that workout...because I can't do somersaults. For real. No matter how I'm instructed, I always end up landing on my neck and my head, neck, and shoulders hurt for days afterwards (and I mean they hurt not they're sore). So I skipped it. Thanks for the rest day, Coach. 

Since I was resting, I had a carb heavy breakfast. That sounds stupid, but I can't eat oatmeal before a hard workout. I burn through it too quickly and brown out. It's delicious, and I love it, but it's shitty workout fuel for my hyperactive pancreas. 

With blueberries and some nuts 'n seeds.

The rest of the day I spent picking at snacks and dicking around. Laundry folding, trying to nap (unsuccessfully), doing dishes, knitting, and finally heading off to work. When I got there I was handed a surprise in the form of "Hi! Signing off now!" at 10pm from our northern partner. Uh, okay, I guess I'm on double hospital duty my whole shift now. 

It's cool.

Last night was a weird one. It wasn't busy exactly, but we had a few oddball things pop in and out overnight. That always makes things exciting. I pounded down 72oz of water before midnight to complete my water for yesterday and shot for 24oz of water every 90 minutes for the rest of my shift. I made it.

I also made a lot of trips to the bathroom. 

Dinner was slightly delayed by a flurry of activity, and then delayed again with another. So I ate this lukewarm. Oh well. If I'd reheated it the fish would've just turned into jerky. 

I decided to go with legumes.

The night passed fairly quickly. I made a bunch of IVs, did a CE seminar, refreshed my memory on some stuff for the NICU rotation I'm going to help precept in May (yeah, that's right, they're going to let me participate in the education of young pharmacists), and ate snacks.


I made a pot of Deathwish at the start of my shift and had a couple of cups. I switched to tea around 2am. At around 5am I broke out my second snack. I wasn't exactly hungry, but sometimes shit blows up right before 0600 and I didn't want to miss it completely.

Blueberries and coconut yogurt. NOM.

I didn't make it down to the cafeteria for my usual eggs at 0630, so when I got home at 745 I was really hungry and also stupid tired (no nap Thursdays suuuuuuuck). I just ate a little something to quiet my guts and then I was face down in the bed, dead to the world.

Ezekiel toast, I heart you.

I slept reasonably well today. Only woke up once to go to the bathroom, and mercifully fell right back asleep.

Drink All The Water Pee All The Time Meme - Funny Gym Meme #fitness #funny #workout:
I see this image used all the time. It's originally from Hyperbole and a Half

Once I decided I was up for the day, I made breakfast (which is kind of dinner, but not). I still had lots of veg available, so I did it up big.

A little goat cheese in the eggs because I am a fuckin' foodie.

I debated going to the box at 4:15, but my calves were still in knots so I rolled them out and headed to happy hour yoga instead. The first time I ever went to Jenstar was for Hip Hop Happy Hour just about 2 years ago. I hadn't done yoga in a studio really ever, just at the Y, and the instructors always played New Agey "Woo" music and that just isn't my bag. So when my co-worker told me about non-woo music yoga, I agreed to go. That was the start of a long, challenging journey through yoga for me. Now the Friday happy hour schedule is a rotating one, but my favorite instructor had her turn tonight (Hi, Jen!) and she loaded up hip hop for us. It was fucking delightful. One of the things I deeply appreciate about all the instructors at Jenstar is the general lack of Woo. Shit stays low key. The music is typically contemporary (sometimes throwback) but only rarely Woo music. Sometimes there is silence, which can be very calming. I started doing yoga for the workout and the stretch, and it's definitely that. I kept doing it for the stress relief, attention to breath, and sense of balance it provides. I think I have a lot more control over my physical being than I ever did before. I've had nights when I felt energy in the room and left feeling grounded and centered. It's not...transcendent exactly, but it can be emotional (in a good way). As I'm sure you know, I really don't buy into metaphysical claptrap. I do believe that there is something to being fully within yourself and aware of the energy of the people around you. 

At any rate, I did a little dancing in down dog and fell the fuck out of boat pose. It was awesome. Oh, and that standing posture where you hook your fingers around your big toe and push your leg out straight in front of you? I'm totally going to get that shit. It's gonna take forever (thanks, stupid hamstrings), but I'm gonna get it. 

I wore some new pants. Not the ones I got today. Other new pants.

I told you I have a problem. 

When I got home I made myself a yogurt snack. I'm out of the salted caramel flavor, but cocoa nibs are pretty boss mixed into the coconut flavor as it turns out. It ain't exactly chocolate chip ice cream, but I feel waaaaaay less shitty about myself after chowing this down.

Zesty's was open today. This ain't Zesty's

In a minute I'll pack my lunch and hop in the shower. Night 2 of 7 on tap. 

I'll be packing my gym clothes so I can go straight to the box after work in the morning. I don't like to be out of the gym 3 days in a row. It's pretty much my social hour. Then yoga, then a run, then leading a meeting. Once that's all done I'll come home and crash. Since there's no one here but me I can sleep until 8:30 and then just go straight to work. We'll see how that pans out. Luckily my run is only 5 miles at 11+ min/mile so I can full on dog it and still have technically accomplished something. 

Oh gods. The cropped version of my favorite lulu pants just showed up in the clearance section.

They have my size.

Send help.

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