Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day 8 of 23: A Farewell to Pants

All of my Athleta leggings are too fucking big. As in any movement causes them to shift down to the point where I spend half my workout hiking them back up. All my favorite goddamn pants. Some of them are less than 6 months old. The pair I'm wearing right now? Yeah. Only the second time I've worn them. They're high waisted even...and they gap like crazy at the top and bag around the knees.

All my pants. Shit. And it's been so bloody cold that shorts are out of the question. My shorts still fit. I think. At least, they seem like they do. I guess I'll find out.

I can hear a chorus of "OH boo-fucking-hoo your pants are too big. BITCH." It's coming from inside my head. Because I realize it's not really something I should be complaining about. Except that Athleta pants are epensive, yo. And I just laid out a crapload of money sizing down about 6 months ago. I have a serious athletic-wear shopping problem. This isn't helping. I should be paying down my student loans, not buying MORE new pants.

I'm also having a difficult time wrapping my brain around ordering a size small pants. Ain't nothing small about me. I'm 5'10". I weigh 157lbs. I wear a size 10 shoe. I have huge, octave spanning hands and a wingspan that exceeds my height. How the fuck am I wearing a size small anything? I'm a goddamn Amazon, except with two boobs and zero archery skills. I mean, I've worn a size small scrub pants for a while (and I'm thinking about sizing those down as well-how fucked up is that?), but scrub pants are filthy lying whores. They are basically elastic waist pajama pants. Pretty much anyone can cram their ass into scrub pants that are 2 sizes too small and call it good. I'm terrified that I'll order new workout pants, size small, and when I try to put them on the pants will scream and run away, or my giant man-calves will split the hem.

So I ordered one pair of Athleta size small pants. To replace the black and white stripey ones that were my gateway into horizontal striped leggings. If they fit, all may not be lost. Just a LOT of money.  At least I know someone who will take the mediums off my hands. It's a free pants party. Yeehaw.

I took PTO tonight, so I was awake most of the day. That tends to make my eating sort of...odd. I either eat everything that's not nailed down or have very little desire to eat at all. Today I had to make myself eat. I didn't eat my lunch until almost 2am, which is rare. Normally I'm ravenous by midnight. Not so much last night.

It was double portion of salmon and a shitload of broccoli.

My night was relatively uneventful, which was fine. I don't like it when my last night is crazy busy, it can make it really hard to get through the first day off. I had my annual review the other morning, and good news! I get to keep my job! As usual I am an exemplary employee in that I show up and do pharmacist shit on the regular.

I drank a lot of coffee overnight, which made me a little refluxy. I didn't eat again until around 5am, and I broke out the BBE because I wasn't sure how bell peppers would sit on a slightly upset stomach. My water consumption was on point last night. So much peeing. 


When I got home I made some breakfast (I forgot to photograph). 2 eggs, spinach, and bacon. We were pretty much out of all my usual staples (Ezekiel bread, berries, fruit, etc) so it was pretty simple. Filling, though. Then we went to the box for a partner workout of 100 burpee toes to bar pull-ups. That is every bit as weird as it sounds. I did them though, if not terribly gracefully, with my partner Amanda who got toes to bar today for the first time. They grow up so fast (sniff). 

After the gym I ate the snack I didn't eat last night.

Two pairs of these pants are going buh-bye.
I love these pants.

I assessed the damage to my hand. I had a callous come clean off. It hurts. Showering is going to suck for like 3 days.

Goddamn my soft, girly hands.

I wore pigtails today. Mostly because I curled my hair for work last night and that makes for curly pigtails. Curly pigtails tickle me.


One of our water heaters (we have two-bourgeois as fuck) had the pilot go out (or some shit) yesterday some time, so my shower was lukewarm. Which was okay. Cool water hurts less on an open hand. Fantastic husband, who is one resourceful son of a bitch, bought a part and fixed the heater this afternoon. Hot shower tomorrow? Sign me up.

After showering I caught a nap, which is not something I usually do on my first day off, but I had yoga tonight and didn't want to fall asleep at 6pm and miss it. It was a nice nap. When I woke up I had a snack.

These pants are also leaving me. Only second time I've worn them.

Fantastic husband took the boys to CF kids while I supervised the girl child's homework. I made dinner for the smalls and made myself a bowl of yogurt and fruit. It's all I could really think of stomaching.  Gotta eat something, but nothing seemed appealing. First day off problems.

May the Flying Spaghetti Monster bless Costco.
These berries were divine.

Yoga was challenging tonight. I managed side crow (balancing on both arms, but still) for the first time tonight. I almost almost almost got up into wheel. That pose is so close I can taste it, but I just can't seem to pick the crown of my head up all the way. We also worked on headstand, and every time I attempt that pose I feel like a 3rd grader encountering fractions for the first time. It just doesn't make any damn sense. Practice makes perfect, I guess, and there's nothing but time. If nothing else I got a lot of good stretching, which I needed after today's gym suckfest. 

When I got home I had a snack. I was craving salt.

No cheese for you, dog!

Today wasn't too bad overall. I got most of my boxes checked. I drank most of my water. I got two great workouts. Now I'm off for a full week. Time to get back on track with my running and eat alllllll the things.

I had initially planned to hit up the #fiveonefive tomorrow, but I have to run a 3 mile time trial. I'm not sure beating the shit out of myself a the box is the greatest idea before that. So I'll sleep in a bit, have a good breakfast, do 3 miles balls to the wall...and then go have coffee with a friend. I'll probably bathe. Probably. If the workout doesn't look like it's going to leave me bleeding on the floor maybe I'll go over the noon hour.

StitchFix sent me a box today. It looks dismal. Maybe I'll share pictures tomorrow. There are several boxes of new activewear headed my way in the next few days, so I guess I'll be testing that "small" theory in short order. 

I'm scared. Hold me. But not really. 

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