Sunday, April 3, 2016

Day 5 of 23: Work Hard, Recover Well

Last night was another slog. Busy, and in a bad way. I spent the first 2 hours of my shift in the ER helping to work a code. Not a good way to start a shift. At least I made it back to the department to take the handoff from my northern counterparts. And I guess by the time I really got rolling it was already after midnight, so there's that. I also got a fist bump from the ER doc, which was both strange and kind of cool.

I was a little better about photographing my meals today. I didn't quite hit my water goal yesterday (it's a bad idea to drink a shitload of water and then work a code...not like you can duck out to pee), but I got close. I'm only about halfway in for today, the there's some time yet.

My lunch was somewhat delayed by the aforementioned shenanigans, but I did get to eat it while it was hot. I ate it really fast to achieve this, but whatever. It was filling, and it stayed with me. Big win.

Protein, veg, legume, and a little cheeeeeese.

Around 3am I went back into my lunch bag for something to gnaw on. Peppers and hummus won out. I had two HBE, but I was really, really not feeling them.

All the peppers, all the time.

0500 brought a slight sweet craving, which I fed with a BBE and a cup of Buttered Rum flavored coffee.

These are kind of a crutch, but I was out of yogurt at home.

My night nanny was scheduled to work in the pharmacy at 0700, so she brought the spawn to me and fantastic husband met us in the hospital cafeteria for breakfast. Breakfast tastes better when you don't have to cook it yourself.

I love bacon. 

Then it was home to sleep. I was out pretty quickly and slept until my alarm went off at 2pm. 6 hours of sleep is pretty standard, and since I got so much sleep yesterday it wasn't a chore to get up. I could've slept longer, but this week's Team WOD was at 3pm and I wanted to go. I don't normally get to on my on weeks because it's generally at noon. 

I had a snack before heading out.

These are my favorite pants. 
I also had some string cheese and clementines in the car on the way.
No photo. Sue me.

So we went. And did 5 movements 4 times, tabata style. Then we had a break and did 5 other movements 4 times, tabata style. Total was 40 minutes of workout time, and it was a grind. I was able to do all the movements without modification, which made me really happy. That happens more often now than it used to, but every time I look at a workout and realize I don't have to scale it (unless I want to for whatever reason) I get excited. Learning new tricks all the time. Afterwards I dropped into the yoga class one of our coaches offers every Sunday, affectionately called "Broga". I was late because the WOD ran over, but I still got a good half hour of stretching and even made it up into wheel with an assist. I'm going to get that fucking pose. I will. I'm strong enough, I just need to work on my arm placement and shoulder mobility. Wheel and fucking side arm balance. I'm coming for you.

Afterwards I cracked open a FitAID and sang obnoxiously with the radio on the drive home. It was leftovers again tonight, but I can't complain too much about leftover tenderloin.

All the food groups.

Here's my snapshot. All boxes checked. Winning.

Eat all the things.

Time to wash the spawn, then wash myself. Night 4 of 6 on deck. If I'm lucky, perhaps tonight will be a calm one. I can hope. I also have to figure out what the hell I'm going to eat tonight since I'm out of peppers AND yogurt. The HORROR. I'm seeing a lot of broccoli in my future. 

Tomorrow I'll be hitting an evening WOD and then straight to yoga. I'm going to smell delightful.  

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