Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Day 14 of 23: The Journey of A Thousand Miles...

Begins with falling out of side arm balance. Or some shit.

Just over a week now until my final appointment. It seems hard to believe. I've been at this for almost 12 weeks, which isn't a very long time, but so much has changed. I'm beginning to feel like all the limits I built up in my head are utter bullshit. You know what? I'm not slow. I'm not weak. I'm not fat. And as much as I joke about being old? I've never felt better in my life. I'm staring 40 in the face, and I don't give a shit.

Yesterday was fairly typical. Fantastic husband was working, so I blasted the spawn out of bed at 6:30 and viciously forced them to eat leftover from-scratch pancakes.

"But we just haaaaaaad paaaancaaaakes!"

"Just eat the fucking pancakes, you ungrateful vulture."

"Okay, okay."

Mother of the year right there. For real though, who whines about from scratch pancakes?

My meals were the usual yesterday, nothing fancy. The fanciest thing that happened food-wise was discovering these tasty bitches at Costco. (PS, I think Costco is going to make me start paying rent.)

Decent protein content, nothing artificial. Win.

The box had 3 varieties in it, one that I would count as a full protein serving at 15g (peanut and honey based), this cranberry one at 13g protein, and more of a "snack" bar at 8g protein that is almond based. I would buy them again. I had an almond one as a post-WOD/pre-run snack today and it was plenty caloric, small enough that I wasn't full to the carina, and sat well. Filing that away for future use.

Yesterday I went to CF twice. Once for myself and once for the kids. While there with the kids I worked on snatching. The snatch is easily my weakest lift. It freaks me out. I've been sitting at 75# for my 1 rep for like a year and a half. I worked up the nerve to try 85# last week and failed out of it like 6 times. Yesterday I did the assigned snatch practice and then decided to try and 1 rep from the blocks. Every time I've ever PR'd a snatch it's been from the blocks first, then the floor. I got 85 up. Twice. And failed 90. The fact that I even put 90 on the bar was a major personal victory. 

And then I took the kids to McDonald's (I didn't eat it, silly). Because I am a great mom. Hey, I read to the little bastards before bed. That counts for something, right?

When we got home my next skein of yarn for my Zodiac afghan was in the mailbox. The kids are weirdly fascinated with this blanket as it evolves. They speculate about the next color, they marvel at the fact that I'll be making it for a whole year and that when it's done I'm not going to give it away. I'm a selfish knitter. I almost never give away the products of my labor, so if you own something I made? You should feel pretty damn special. 


Today I caved to the vultures. They had cereal for breakfast. Whatever. I can only handle so much whining. I made their lunches and when fantastic husband came home he hustled them off to school. I made myself some breakfast.

Oh bacon, I love you.

These Costco berries are phenomenal this time. Last batch was okay, but these are really sweet. I tried a new coffee variety today from the fine people at Deathwish.

I didn't hate it. 

My plan today was the 915 followed by an easy 3 then off to yoga. Which is exactly what I did. The WOD involved running around in circles. 10 circles. 3 times. Running laps indoors on a beautiful sunny day is annoying as fuck. On the up side, I actually did double unders (wearing a fucking overnight pad because I drink 160oz of water a day and holy shit with the involuntary peeing). 

After the workout I changed my shoes, snarfed a Wellabar, and strapped on my Garmin for a slow 3 on the trail that runs near the box. I couldn't locate my wireless headphones, so I went sans tunes. This was actually okay as it was a beautiful nearly windless morning and the stream that runs along the trail was running high and I could hear the water. It was cool enough that it hardly even smelled like chemicals!

I was supposed to shoot for 11:20 min/mile and I came in at 11:05s. Pretty close. 

After my run I came back in to snarf down some more food.


Then I went to yoga. Where I attempted flying pigeon (my hamstrings were deeply unhappy about this one), side arm balance (I had it. It was fleeting, but I fucking had it), and forearm stand (I caught some air and then freaked out). Side arm balance and forearm stand? You are on notice. I am coming for you. Throw headstand into that. All these poses feel like geometry problems I'm trying to solve. But you know what? I was pretty fucking good at geometry. It may take me a bit, but I'll figure it out. 

Fantastic husband was home from training when I pulled in, so we took the dog for a walk. Just a few miles. When we got home I was ravenous. I had a snack.


And then another one.


But by then it was time to start making dinner, so that's what I did. Fortunately for me I had the accidental foresight to save my grain serving, so I had a pile of stroganoff. MMMMM...NOODLES!

So tasty. I can't remember the last time I had noodles.

Later I'll finish my final protein serving with this. I actually enjoy this flavor. I wasn't sure I would, but it's good. Especially with some crunchy cocoa nibs mixed in.

Mmmmm. Protein.

So here's my snapshot of today. Rockin'. I'm into my 4th container of water (not including what I drank during my workouts) and I'll get all 6 today if it kills me. I only got about 100oz yesterday. Fail.

Yeah, veggies!

Fantastic husband is heading out with some of the neighbors and my big plan for this evening is to knit and watch some DVR'd TV. It's a wild life I lead. The kids asked if we could go for a walk and I was all "HAHAHAHAHA fuck that!" So they played outside instead. I'm hoping that the forecasted warm up is going to show up so the yard will dry out. I hate having to send the kids out dressed for winter to combat the water and mud. 

Tomorrow I'm planning the 515, then back to CF at 915 to run intervals while fantastic husband does the WOD. Running back and forth in an industrial park for 5x800 @ 4:05 may sound sucktastic, but it beats the shit out of the treadmill. Plus the intervals are marked, so all I really have to do is run back and forth between them. It's supposed to be relatively nice tomorrow, which means shorts and a tank top! WHEEEEEE!!! I'll finish the night at yoga, which I'm sure I'll desperately need by then. 

I don't want to go back to work on Thursday. Adulting is lame. But I need to work to support my pants habit...they've been arriving bit by bit. I'm still wrapping my head around wearing a lulu size 6. It wasn't so long ago that I couldn't wear their clothes at all...size 12 is the top of their line and they only make a few styles in that size. Every time I look at a pair I think "There's no way I'm going to fit in that." But I do. I fucking do. 

I'm so glad I took that step through the door at Nutritional Healing  three months ago. It completely changed my outlook. Onward and upward, bitches. There are goals out there that need crushing. 

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