Friday, April 1, 2016

Day 3 of 23: It's Really Just Pictures of Food

Last night was fucking bonkers in the salt mine. Mostly in my remote salt mine, but I swear every time I got up to pee (which is constantly) I came back to my desk to find between 60 and 100 orders awaiting my blessing. Granted most of these are for piddly things and not srs bzns, but I still have to stamp my approval on them, and their relative piddliness doesn't prevent the staff from freaking out if they aren't checked RIGHT NAOW. Forget about eating. I pretty much ate my lunch cold and randomly stuffed other things in my face when I had 2 seconds. Behold.

Chicken and chickpeas with broccoli. 
Pretty nasty cold, actually.

I got the hiccups while I was choking down my cold broccoli. That's miserable as all hell.

3am snack. Pressure cooked eggs.
Easy peel, but they were a weird color.

We had a lot of people on labor intensive drips overnight. Narcs, sedatives, clot busters. Paperwork, secure tubes, and lots of hand delivery (some drugs don't hold up in the pneumatic tubes). It was also end of month, which means every floor was checking their crash carts for outdates and calling for replacements. Phones off the hooks. Gah.

Mashed this into my head around 5am.

I'm not a huge fan of the BBE original (it has lots of sugar and some sucralose, which makes me gassy as fuck), but I like these PB chocolate ones. No sucralose, and they kill a sweet craving pretty handily. 

The cafeteria opens at 0630. I headed down for some breakfast.

$2. Seems fair.

Then I came home and crashed. Hard. I slept until about 3pm, which is wonderful. Tomorrow I'll be awake most of the day, so I'll take a good day's sleep. I didn't run my 800s as planned. It'll be the treader tomorrow for sure. I'm so fucking lazy my first day on. I'll just have to grind it out tomorrow. I have a movie I can cue up on the DVR for the kids and I to watch while I flog myself on Torvald the Treader. Should only take about an hour to get it done. I can hack that. Sure I can. Man my glutes and hamstrings are shot today. Yeeeowch. Back is good, though, so there's that.

When I woke up, I I do.

Peppers. Shocking.

And then I ate some more, because hungry.

Ezekiel toast with sunbutter. NOM.

I also had a couple of cups of coffee, because I was freezing. My blood pressure is bizarrely low, as is my heart rate. Combine this with poor circulation and I'm basically a reptile. My hands and feet are perpetually ice cold, to the point where my husband shouts and scuttles away from me. Imagine my surprise when my little man crawled up into the chair with me because "I'm so cold, Mommy, and you're always so warm."

Cold hands, warm heart?

He's a little icebox like me. His brother is a human furnace, like their Dad. 

Fantastic husband made tacos for dinner. I had mine bowl-style with some black beans. He also managed to find 2 perfectly ripe avocados at the store. Time to buy a lottery ticket, because the odds of hitting the Powerball are better than finding ripe avocados.

Get in mah belleh!

I'm almost done with my water for today. Yay, me. Drinking this much is work. I was deeply craving a Diet Coke overnight, but I did not cave. 20 days to final assessment. No time for fucking around. Another reason to grind out 6ish miles on the treader tomorrow. Goals and shit. 

Time for dessert.

No seeds, I had sunbutter earlier.

Here's my daily snapshot.

Shit. I missed a Category 2 veg.
Guess I'll chow down some carrots later.

I actually made my lunch, so that puts me ahead of yesterday. Probably should shower at some point. Baby steps.

See? Told you it was just pictures of food. And bonus shot of me with bed head and PJs. Sexy.

Night 2 of 6 up next. Yeehaw. 


  1. I tried HB eggs in PC and a few exploded. Maybe I put too many in, it did only say to line the bottom, and I stacked them up. Peels easier, but weird yoke color. Not convinced yet. I've heard steaming works. Tried this yet?

    1. I usually steam them, but I had the IP out so thought I'd try it. I think I prefer the steamer. The whites were sort of beige. It was weird.