Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Day 15 of 23: 800m Repeats Can Suck It

I was all excited for Spring to be here...and it was. In the form of April showers. Sigh. I still wore fucking shorts, because it is APRIL. And wet pants really suck for running.

This morning I got up and headed to the box for the 515. We squatted and rowed and a bunch of other stuff. I was proud of myself for squatting 125 x 5, since that's only 5lbs (10lbs? I can't remember if my max was 130 or 135 suddenly) below my max and I failed the fuck out of 140 a few weeks ago. Stupid lazy glutes. I've gotten lazy with my heavy bridges, since I don't have a flat bench at home and to use the downstairs ottoman I have to shovel a metric ton of shit out of the way. Time to get back on that wagon. Swimsuit season is a-comin'. I wore a new pair of pants today and was again astounded by the fact that through squatting, rowing, snatching, deadlifting, and goblet squatting I never had to pull up my pants! Not once!

I have to eat before I work out. I cannot do it on an empty stomach. So many people can run or whatever with nothing but coffee in their guts, but not me. I can't go hard with no calories. This morning I tried out a Wellabar as a pre-WOD snack. 300ish calories with a nice mix of protein and carbs.

And Deathwish. It's 4:30am for fuck's sake.

After the WOD I did some GHDs and then headed home. Fantastic husband had breakfast and lunch for the kids handled, so I finished my coffee, made another cup, and after the smalls left for school? I made a giant breakfast. If I'm being honest it was a complete bribe. I hate 800m repeats. But if I eat this much I have no excuse not to run fast, right?


It was 36ish degrees and raining lightly when we got back to the box. Fantastic husband did the WOD, and I went out for my run. 1.5 miles around the industrial park. Honestly, the temp was fine even in shorts. I wore knee high smartwool socks and I wasn't cold. The wind was kind of evil down Glory Rd, but out of the wind it was fairly pleasant. I did my repeats with a 400m recovery interval. I normally walk at least part of the recovery, but it was too wet for that today. I ran the whole deal, just not as fast at the repeats. Once I finished my 800s, I decided to run a slow mile as a cooldown. During my final mile it started sleeting. By the time I got back to the box I was soaked to the skin. After rolling out my legs (which were bright red from the cold) I changed clothes. Every single layer I was wearing was saturated and my hair was dripping. Spring, my big white ass.

Oh, I also got splashed by a truck. That was fun. 

After his workout, fantastic husband worked on pull-ups and I rolled out my calves (which hurt like a bitch for some reason). Basically we were killing time until HuHot opened at 11, because I was hungry. I had a huge plateful of meat and veg. I love HuHot.

Get in my belly!

After lunch we headed home. I turned on the fireplace and folded laundry while I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee full of booze. Can't be perfect all the time. It was after noon...

Valhalla with Kringle Cream.

One of the things I always found frustrating about training for distance is the hunger. I used to use running for weight loss (which is laughable because it didn't work AT ALL) and the hunger would drive me insane. Now that I eat every 2 hours or so it's less problematic, but the ferocity of it startled me a little today. Must have been the combination of fresh air, cold, and hard intervals.

Snacks. NOM.

Fantastic husband took the smalls to CF kids and then for haircuts, so I was on my own for dinner. I have yoga at 6:30, so I ate early. It's either that or wait until 8 tonight to have my dinner and we all know that's crazy talk. 

Work hard, eat well.

I am very much looking forward to hot yoga tonight. Dreary days make me cold, especially after a strenuous run. I recover too far in the other direction. My heart rate drops through the floor and I get chilled to my bones. Stretching in a hot room will be divine. My legs can definitely use it. 

Tomorrow I'm going to play it by ear. I'm sure I'll go to the box at some point, but I also need a nap before heading back into the salt mine. Something tells me that Friday and Sunday I'm going to do fuck all, so I may need to push myself to be active tomorrow. The weather is supposed to improve pretty markedly. I'm hopeful. 

Goal for this week at work: GET ALL MY WATER. Eat a shitload of veggies. Be as active as possible. 

Try on a pair of extra-small scrub pants. 

Final stretch, then I'm on my own. Strangely, I feel very confident that I can keep this up without oversight. I am going to miss the data, though, because as you know...I love being an experiment of one. 

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  1. I experienced HuHot for the first time a couple weeks ago and have fallen in love with it myself. What a great concept. Also, cheesecake rangoons.