Friday, April 4, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 100

This might be the first day I've remembered to photograph everything I ate!  How appropriate for a milestone such as this.  People have asked me how long I intend to do this.  I don't know, really.  Maybe 6 months?  A year?  It'll get weirder when I'm working thirds because my days will be nights half the time.  We shall see, we shall see.

Tomorrow is puppy day!!  The breeder is in Fairchild which is about 180 miles from here.  We're taking everyone, so that means 6-8 hours in the car tomorrow.  That is going to suuuuuuuuuuuuck.  The kids are whiny travelers when we go to Point, going twice as far is going to be painful.  Hopefully a movie or two will keep them from freaking out, and if we're lucky perhaps they'll sleep a bit.  Tonight I have to clean out my car and square away the house so there aren't little toys ripe for choking or delicious shoes lying around.  Not sure how we're going to manage the toilet training thing overnight.  Maybe we'll take shifts like we did with L.  I'm not sure how many times during the night the average puppy needs to piddle, but I guess we'll find out.  I hope to baby dolphins that the weather doesn't suck this weekend.  I've had enough of this schizophrenic horseshit to last the rest of my life.  It's 50! and pouring! and hailing! now snowing! now windy to the point of pain!

Today when I left my house it was warmish an overcast.  By the time I got to work (12 minutes later) it was pouring rain.  I got completely soaked walking into the building.  My hair was matted to my head and water was running down my neck.  I looked like shit all day because (silly me) I had actually styled my hair and used hair product.  Hair product is stupid.  Old ladies have this shit on lockdown.  I used to think rain bonnets were ugly and weird, but you never see an old woman with fucked up hair.  A couple of minutes of ugly is a lot better than 10 hours of it...and I'm pretty old now.

On to the menu!
I brought my breakfast and lunch today, but I did have to buy a couple of things in the cafeteria.  I had the pancakes and walnuts, but I needed some bacon.
Probably more bacon than needed for 3 blocks.
But maybe not.

I spent today hassling the central pharmacy staff.  We also had some meetings, which I could actually attend without too much issue since I'm still not a real pharmacist.  It's novel to go to a meeting and not be worried about the voicemail and IM and referrals building up while you're away.

Lunch was the last of the leftover salisbury steak and mash, plus salad to round up my carbs.  There's a little olive oil and some olives on the salad for fat.
Look how balanced!  Ooooooo, aaaaaaaahhhhh.

I've decided salad annoys me.  It's not that it tastes bad, because it doesn't, but it's a lot of work.  You have to chop all those veggies (or in my case stand in line at the salad bar) and eating a salad takes forever.  It's really hard to snarf down a salad, unless it's a chop salad and everything is cut really small.  Just navigating the lettuce into my face requires more coordination than I really have.  I didn't even finish this salad, because after working on it for half an hour (after eating the other part of my lunch), I just wasn't interested anymore.

I did remember to eat my snack, thought it was somewhat delayed.

So random.

Tonight was breakfast for dinner.  One of my co-workers was talking about mashing cinnamon rolls into the waffle maker today at work.  I had purchased cinnamon rolls for the kids (they love them and when we do breakfast for dinner I buy them as a treat), and since we didn't get home until 6 it seemed a lot faster than preheating the oven and baking them.  I cut them into "sticks" and drizzled the icing on them.  The kids went apeshit.  So cinnamon roll waffles, strawberries, and bacon was on their menu.  I had spinach sauteed with hot Italian sausage and an egg.  Do you know how much fresh spinach you have to wilt to get this portion? A shitload.  Seriously, like 3/4 of a bag and it's still barely one block of carbs.  Hence the blackberries. This was quite good and very filling.  It's also pretty colors.

Who's a wholesome little dinner?

I'll probably snarf down a little snack later.  I don't know what yet.  Maybe some nuts and a couple of prunes.  It'll be early to bed for me tonight so I'm not dealing with kids in the car while frazzled and tired.  

So everything is as clean as it's going to get, and the car is ready.  A new adventure is about to begin!

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