Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 98

This one is 100% boring.  Seriously.  Skip it.

On to the menu!
Breakfast was banana pancakes.  The formula recipe yields 1 block protein, 2 blocks carbs, and some amount of fat, I don't know.  My head exploded trying to calculate it.  Today I added an extra egg to the recipe to make it 2 blocks of each.  The result was a firmer pancake that was easier to flip, more uniform in shape and golden-brown-ness, and a larger portion (duh).  They didn't taste any more "eggy" than before, so I'll make them this way from now on.  I added bacon and a little maple to round out to 3 blocks.

It made 6 pancakes.  This was a big breakfast!

Lunch was a chicken salad and fruit from the cafeteria.  I can't get my shit together when I work days to make a lunch.  I should do it the night before, but I don't wanna, so I don't.  When I switch to overnights this won't be an issue.  Also I forgot to photograph it.  It was pretty standard.

I fail on the snacks, because I didn't eat one this afternoon even though I should have.  I wasn't hungry until about 4pm, so my lunch was balanced, but I didn't eat a snack so by the time I got home at 5:45 I was ravenous.  It was broccoli beef night.  One of my favorites.

It's hard to balance a mixture.  I'm estimating this to be 3-4 oz of beef (so 3-4 blocks) and about 1 block of broccoli.  It was delicious.  Afterwards I ate a couple of dates to make it a 3 block meal.

Later I'll have a venison stick, a couple of prunes, and a couple of macadamia nuts for a 2 block snack. That'll be an 11 block day.  

Exciting, right?  I told you to skip it :)

Today I spent a little time with the floor pharmacist learning what they do all day so I know how to hand off appropriately and document the things they need to see during the day.  It was very instructive.  I also did 5 competencies which was mind-numbing.  Ah well, once they're done I'm all caught up and ready to finish my training.  I can't wait to be a real pharmacist again.

I have to pack a bag for the gym/shower/workday tonight so I can get my workout in tomorrow.  Had to pass up the opportunity to run with a friend because I'm on days this week.  That will never be an issue again in just about a month.  Woo!

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