Monday, April 21, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 117

So Saturday and Sunday I didn't photograph what I ate.  I took the weekend off and had a little fun with friends and a few unclean meals.  Not unclean in the sense of unwashed or you know, cloven hoofed or whatever.  Because I eat the meat of the cloven hoofed animal all the time and that shit is delicious.  No, I mean unclean in I ate bread (and super sugary bread at that), some cheese cake, had a few glasses of wine, and some pizza.  Ermahgehrd pizza.  Pizza is so horrible for you, but no matter how much I tell myself that it still tastes like a party in my mouth.  For fuck's sake there's a party named after pizza.  It's a pizza party.

Anyway, I ate the shit out of some shitty food this last weekend.  I feel pretty good, but holy balls am I bloated.  Fortunately I took my final measurements for the challenge club before going all gluten glutton.  My weight dropped about 5lbs, which is nice, but my waist shrank to 30.25 inches from 32.  This is my natural waist (ie the narrowest point of your torso-bend to the side, where you crease is your natural waist) and it hasn't been below 30 since high school.  I am going to hit a sub-30 waist this summer.  It will happen.  A sub-30 waist is going to suck with 42 inch hips.  The world is not ready for this jelly.

I'm not sure how the daily blog thing will work on my overnights, so I'll take pictures of what I eat during the day and a picture of what I'm taking for "lunch" overnight.  I'm really packing two meals and a snack for my 10 hour shift.  Dinner is my "breakfast" around 5pm, lunch is around 11pm, and dinner will be around 5am with a snack in between.  I ate a breakfast when I got home this morning (Monday morning) because I ate practically nothing overnight and I was ravenous.

On to the menu!
I still have some egg bake, but eating it makes me sad, so I tossed some cheese on it (local cojack-certainly not low fat) and it was a much happier dish.  Add in a little 'nana pudding for fat/protein and banana for carbs and this was a 3-4 block meal.
Egg bake is more exciting with cheese.
I slept from 9 until about 2:30.  I should've gone to sleep earlier, but the Boston marathon was on and I had to watch at least the start of it. I had bacon and raisins for a 1 block snack on waking.

There were raisins.  1 block snack.

Husband made Mu Shu (Moo Shoo?!?) pork from Nom Nom Paleo and it was Nom Nommy as usual.  We are all about the Asian inspired paleo cooking this month.

Nom Nom indeed.

Took the puppy to puppy class and fed her much cheese and a few hot dog pieces.  She was a rockstar as usual.  Then came home and tried to eat the hem of my pants.  Went to Target after to grab a julienne peeler as my spiralizer went home to Jesus last week and treated myself to a passion tea.  Unsweetened, of course.

Mmmm.  Pink tea.

So here is my lunch box for work.  Egg bake with cheese and grapes for my 5am breakfast, beef stew provencal for my 11pm lunch, and half a sliced apple with chocolate hazelnut butter for my snack somewhere in there.  I should probably eat more food, but I've discovered that eating too much at one time overnight causes a little heartburn and I'm not down with that.  Easy fix? Smaller portions.

Look how organized!  This lunch kit even has it's own cutlery.

Here it is all packaged up and ready to go.  How cute is this lunch?!?  

Bento boxes FTW.

Tomorrow the kids go to daycare, so I'll be able to get a lot of sleep during the day.  That makes life a lot easier.  I probably won't make Dancing for Dummies tomorrow night which is a bummer, but I can't take my kids to the studio.  One of my classmates will just have to catch me up.  I'm looking to get back into the box on Thursday and Saturday I'm headed to Des Moines for the Drake Relays-on-the-Roads half marathon.  I have a lot of races in the next month!  Hardware city!  And I might just make the leap into the Half Fanatics. We shall see.

Time to watch a little TV, then change and head out to the grind.  Bring on night 5/7!

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