Thursday, April 3, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 99

I did not go to the gym this morning.  I set the alarm, I woke up, I heard the rain on the window, and decided that I didn't want to drive across town to row.  Now I have to run repeats on the treader.  I don't wanna.  Tomorrow the husband has to work day shift which means rushing around to get the kids to daycare and make it to work on time.  This week working days has been so odd.  I forgot how much 7-5:30 sucks your time away.  Next week will be weird as well, but after that I'm off for 6 days.  SIX WHOLE DAYS.  Am I on vacation?  NO!  That's my fucking rotation!  Then I'll be nights for a week while I learn stuff, then I'll be off for SEVEN WHOLE DAYS!!!  Wheeeeeeee!!!!!!  So on my weeks "on" I'll be hitting the gym/running in the evening (which will be my morning) and my weeks off I'll be splitting my time between 5:15am and 9:15am depending on my husband's work schedule.

I got some nice warm fuzzies at work today.  One of the Neos welcomed me home, a colleague in Metro told me he's really glad I'm back, and random staff members in the halls stopped me to say hi.  It's a good feeling.

I'm finally feeling almost well.  It's been a while recovering from this.  I still cough a bit, but it's almost resolved.  I need more sleep, but who doesn't?

My challenge Journal is full, so I ordered a new one in an effort to be better at tracking the Zone.  I can keep the blocks I use most frequently recorded in one spot so I can stop Googling "How many cups of X in a Zone block".  If you're looking for a food log or workout journal or a combo of both, I would strongly suggest JournalMENU Then have tons of options, mostly CrossFit related (but not all), and their customer service is amazing.  The journals range from $12ish dollars on up depending on how much stuff you want included and how big you want it to be.  Go check it out.

On to the menu!
Breakfast was cafeteria style.  The problem with working in the hospital is that the cafeteria is right there and they also have this nifty program now called "Dine and Debit" which means you can use your ID badge to pay for food and it's deducted from your paycheck (up to a specified amount).  That's dangerous, because while our cafeteria has plenty of shitty food options, they also have lots of healthy ones.  It's tempting to not boil my own eggs (which I should never do, because I do it wrong) or cut my own fruit since I can get it so easily on the fly.

Lots of bacon fragments today, but they are so crispy perfect...

Lunch was chili (no beans!) and fruit.  I considered salad, but the salad bar was mobbed and I didn't want to wait.  So here you have it.

Cincinnati chili.  Pretty good stuff.

I also got a snack while I was down there.  No fat, and the orange is technically 2 blocks of carbs.  But I ask you, who the fuck eats half an orange?  So it was a one-ish block snack.  I ate it around 3:30pm.

Mandarins are easier to "block"
Dinner was Country Captain chicken.  Chicken thighs, lots of onions and peppers and raisins and bacon bits. I had about 3oz of meat, I counted the onions/peppers/raisins on the chicken as one block since the recipe calls for a shitload of them and they cook down quite a bit, that's one block of blackberries and one block of leafy greens + tomato.  I tossed some olives on the salad for fat.

Delicious and so colorful.

My husband is the man.  What is not awesome about walking in the door and smelling fabulous dinner just waiting for you to eat it?  Nothing.  I am looking forward to contributing to the family culinary experience soon, though.  In addition to providing fresh veggies that I grew myself (with the help of my kids).  

For my snack tonight it's looking like a venison stick (from my father in law, they're smaller and more snack size than the Maplewood ones), a couple of prunes, and a macadamia nut.  Seriously, one macadamia nut is one block of fat.  Snacks are the weirdest part of Zone eating for me.  They feel really disorganized because I'm eating stupid quantities of all three macronutrients.  If I was eating dairy it wouldn't be quite as odd.  After 4/19 I'll be adding dairy back in.  Probably not yogurt (at least not often), but cheese for sure.

Saturday is puppy day!  We'll be in the car forever, but hopefully will make it home without incident and our new baby will settle in easily.  It's been a long time since I've trained a dog!

Maybe I'll get on the treader in the morning...

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