Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 97

Day 1 of ALL ZONE ALL THE TIME.  It wasn't too bad, though I completely forgot about the snack aspect which means I still have a block or 2 to eat tonight before bed.  I'll figure this out at some point.

I went for an eye exam today, first one in almost 6 years or something like that.  I had the whole deal, including the full medical history since I'm using a new clinic.  Do you know how hard it is to convince someone that you don't take daily medication?  "No, really.  Nothing.  No.  Not even vitamins.  Nothing.  I'm serious."  They look at you like you're either a) lying or b) crazy.  "Not even a multiple vitamin?!?"  "No.  I eat an extremely nutrient dense diet."  "Um, okay."

I had my eyes dilated and the optometrist used this horrible lens/light combo to (I'm assuming) check my flap from LASIK.  I learned that my vision remains essentially normal (ie, no glasses required) but that a slight prescription would help relieve the eye strain I'm having at the end of the day.  I will only need my schmancy Dior framed glasses for "computering" as C calls it. The dilation hung around while I was shopping for frames and I realized just how fucking crazy I looked when I picked the boys up from daycare.  Seriously, like I'd just done a big lick of LSD.  I felt myself telling everyone I'd been to the eye doctor so they wouldn't call CPS.

The boys are very healthy 4 year olds.  P is enormous, in the low 80s for percentile of height and 90th for weight.  He's a sturdy boy.  When he hits you, you know it.  C is nearly the same height percentile, but 63rd for weight.  He's a spider monkey.  Both of them apparently have large tonsils, which explains why they snore (and why it's worse when they're sick).  This is another place where it's hard to explain that your kid takes no medication, and you don't know if he has any allergies because beyond fever reducers he's never taken anything.  "Do they take any daily medications?"  "No, nothing."  "Not even a multiple vitamin?"  "No, they eat a very nutrient dense diet."  "Um, okay."  Hopefully we won't have to go back until their 5 year well child.  I don't think we went to the doctor at all this last year.  We barfed a lot, but nothing requiring medical intervention.

On to the Menu!
I calculated my Zone blocks at 12 using the formula in the book.  Most plans seem geared toward 11 or 13, so I figured I'll shoot for 12 but if I fall one above or below I'm not going to sweat it.
Breakfast was leftover pumpkin spice pancakes.  I figured the pancakes themselves were just about 2 blocks of balanced nutrients, so I added some bacon, a little maple syrup, and a few walnuts to round it up to a 3 block meal.
The emerald green color didn't show up as much as I thought.

The morning was spent running around to appointments and to Costco.  They had the most beautiful berries.  I can't say no to beautiful berries.  This is a 3 block lunch.  3ish ounces of salisbury steak, roughly one block of carbs for the cauli mash (1 block of cauliflower is like 4 cups of raw, this is mash so less volume) and mushrooms, and 2 blocks of carbs for the berries.  I figured there was a fair amount of fat already in the beef, but I poked a little ghee into my mash to make sure.

This was a lot of  food, and it took a while to eat.

We had girl scouts this afternoon and it was L's turn to bring snack.  I opted for kid sized bottles of water (my kids are deeply fascinated with these, and they beat "juice" boxes) and fruit leather.  It seemed to go over pretty well.  I would've had a fruit leather, but I didn't have any fat or protein to balance it and honestly after that lunch I wasn't at all hungry.

For dinner I made sweet potato hash with hot Italian sausage and runny eggs.  This was simple, fast, and 3 blocks easy peasy.  I got my new food scale just in time to weigh out an ounce of sausage.  Winning.  This was really good, and also really filling.  

Just sweet and spicy and wonderful.

I still have 2 blocks left to eat today and I'm stuffed.  A venison stick and a couple of dates should be about right a little later.  Or a lot later.  This is going to be harder than I thought.  Vegetables aren't very carb dense, and my lunch box isn't equipped for 12 cups of cauliflower.  I was going to focus more on veg than fruit, but fruit is certainly more portable.  We'll see what shakes out.

On the whole, today went well.  I wasn't hungry, I didn't notice any flagging energy.  Day 1, done.  Bring on Day 2.  

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