Friday, April 18, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 111-114

Woo! New Chromebook!  It's pretty and fast and so far I really love it.  I'm getting the hang of using the cloud drive and not having a full on "hard drive" to access, so this is going to be mostly pictures of what I ate for the last 4 days in no particular order.

I worked my first night shift last night (as a shadow for training) and it went fine.  It was a quite night, which isn't really the norm, but it works for training purposes.  My goal for the next week is to find things in the pharmacy (so I know where to look when time is of the essence) and make sure I'm good and familiar with the technology that could bite me if I'm unprepared.

On to the menu (in no particular order).  Some of my pictures were lost in the Great Computer Transition of this isn't everything.

I love these.  Crunchy and sweet.  Just apples and cinnamon.

Cincinnati chili on a 'tater.  Tasty.

Pad Thai.  I blew up a squash in the microwave for this.
Worth it.

I'm sick of egg bake.

It was prettier the first time around.  So delicious.  My favorite.

'Nana pudding.

'Nana pudding and eggs.

Really sick of egg bake.

And more egg bake

Tod Mun chicken cakes with cucumber relish.  
This is sooooo good.

'Nana pudding as breakfast snack

Leftover meatballs and beans.

2 block snack.

I was reasonably proud of myself for not raiding the food available overnight.  I didn't get much sleep on Thursday, so I was dragging a little by 4am, but even though there was cake (smelly, smelly cake) in the break area I was able to avoid it completely.  I ate the food I brought and nothing more.  I have a lunch packed for tonight, but I'll probably snag some fruit from the cafeteria (if they have some) just for something a little sweet.

Tomorrow is the wrap party for our 90 day challenge at the gym.  I'm looking forward to it.  Just have to toss some stuff in the crockpot to cook when I get home from work tomorrow and I'm set.  I may indulge in some cheese curds on Saturday night...we'll see.  

Sunday is Easter and we usually do an egg hunt for the kids, but they got so much stuff from their grandparents and aunt that I don't think I'm going to bother.  Nobody needs that much candy.  Especially not me.

I got almost 8 hours of sleep today, so tonight should go pretty well.  Fingers crossed!

This will be more cohesive in the coming days, now that I have my lovely new machine :)

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