Sunday, April 13, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 109

Spending the whole day with three little kids and a baby dog is really stressful.  It probably shouldn't be, but my kids are weird as hell with this dog and doing any household chores with a literal ankle biter following you around is damn near impossible.

The laundry room is off limits to the dog, as we can close it off and Vizsla puppies are notorious sock eaters. Her food bin is also housed in there, which makes it The Land of All Forbidden Wonderfulness.  Because she is little and quick and slippery as shit, she has gotten in there a couple of times and immediately begins to wreak havoc.  So I did some laundry today, but it's not like I'll get to fold it.  Well, I might, but I'll have to do it during Game of Thrones after her last outside for the night.

I fed the dog about a half a pound of string cheese today trying to teach her "off".  We don't want her on the furniture (because if I can't sit down without a pile of fucking children sitting on my lap, legs, shoulders, and head, I sure as shit don't want to add a furry mouthful of teeth to that pig pile), and she being a jumpy dog has already gotten up on the living room stuff.  If I snap my fingers and point to the floor and say "Off!" she hops down and sits pretty.  I praise and give her a little piece of cheese.  I repeat.  And repeat.  So she sits pretty and waits for cheese and praise.  The moment I try to lengthen the time between cheeses, she hops back up, I give the command, and she drops back down into a sit.  And gets cheese.

She is a conniving little bitch, who deeply loves cheese.

The kids?  Well, in spite of running around CFGB for an hour today (swinging on rings and ropes and chasing all over) then did not nap.  That never bodes well for my afternoon.  C gets tearful about everything when he's tired, so an improperly unwrapped snack (seriously) made for an hourlong lament.  Did I mention this was while we were walking the dog around the neighborhood?  Because it was.  By the end of that walk I was ready to choke out every single one of them.  They are all very lucky the "don't kill your progeny" instinct is so strong.

On to the menu!
Breakfast was pretty basic.  Bananas and strawberries for carbs.

A strong 3 block meal.

I was supposed to cook today, but the fridge is overflowing with leftovers, so I went for cleaning out the fridge instead.  The last of the spag squash with some sauce while I re-watched last week's GoT.

"You took too long."
"What are you saying."
"I'm saying you took too long."

Snack was some porkitos ans raisins from Trader Joe's.  Or TJ's, because I'm down like that.

You still haven't made porkitos?  I'm not sure we can be friends.

Leftovers for dinner as well.  I was supposed to make Thai Basil Beef, but that can wait.  The fridge is packed so full that finding things inside is difficult.  I completely forgot about this cauliflower, and there was only one pork burger left.  Two dishes cleared out of the cooler.  Winning.

Mmmmm.  Fiber.

I have resisted making egg bake this whole challenge.  Mostly because I get sick of eating the exact same thing every morning.  But I had a pound of chorizo and a bag of spinach both on the point of going over, so I made egg bake.  Onion, mushroom, red pepper, spinach, chorizo, and eggs.  It smelled fantastic in the oven and it looks very colorful.  We'll see if I can stomach it for a week.

A rainbow of taste.

I also made banana chia pudding, which will be a handy snack this week.

I have to wash the children.  They are currently running in circles around the living room.  The puppy is in her crate because she wouldn't stop nipping and then flat out bit the fleshy part of my upper arm.  That really fucking hurts.  At this point I'd be willing to go for another walk to tire them out, but it's raining.  I had hoped for a good round of "chase the dog around the yard", but the yard is completely swamped.  

It's okay, though.  My husband will be home in 12 hours.  Cosmos and GoT are on tonight.  I get to workout in the morning, and puppy socialization class is tomorrow night.  As long as I can clean all these little fuckers and shove them into bed before Neil deGrasse Tyson starts talking it will be all good.  

One hour and 10 minutes until bedtime.

Kill me.

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