Monday, April 14, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 110

I'm pretty happy with today.  The puppy only got up once to go out during the night (and she was lightening fast because it was pouring rain) and then got up at a perfectly respectable 6:30am, right before my alarm was set to go off.  I felt bad for her when it was time to take her morning poop.  She was all jacked to go outside, wiggling and whining, and then I opened the patio door and she was all "NOOOOOOOOOOO" and backpedaled so hard she almost knocked the kitchen chairs over.

The kids got up and dressed with minimal horsing around, though they did complain bitterly about breakfast. Only children who have the luxury of a hot breakfast every morning would bitch and cry about scrambled eggs, toast, and fresh fruit.  I mean really.  I make motherfucking pancakes from scratch at least once a week, french toast, cheesy eggs, waffles, cinnamon rolls, bacon, sausage, many varieties of fruit and what do the little asswipes want?  Fucking cereal.  I'd be half tempted to let them rot their guts and their teeth if I could trust them to pour the milk.  My luck I'd end up with a lake of rotting dairy and a mold problem. I really can't wait until they are eating Ramen to survive.  Payback is a bitch and so am I.

After a fairly peaceful morning, I went to the gym and had a great workout.  It is so fantastic to be able to just do the workout and not worry about getting out on time to get to work.  Especially since I don't have to work until Thursday...

Came home and showered up, messed around with the kids and the dog, then took Lucy to puppy class at Golrusk.  She made some puppy friends and met lots of humans of various ages and sucked up to the instructor something fierce.  She was all over that woman.  Giving kisses, sitting pretty, climbing into her lap and wiggling her little butt around like it was the BEST! DAY! EVAR!  She was a champ at responding to her name, sitting, standing, and "leave it", but sucked at "down".  The instructor said that's at least partly her breed, as Vizslas don't much like to be "down" unless they're sleeping.  So now we have stuff to work on.

Tomorrow will be a great day, too.  I'll hit CF at 5:15, get a few household chores done, and after the husband gets home from training I'm going to take a dance class.  An introductory "Dancing for Dummies" class for adults who've never danced before.  I am weirdly excited about it.  I am possibly the least graceful, least coordinated person on earth.  My parents were of the variety that thought dance was "useless" so I never took classes.  I had to beg to take gymnastics and after failing the same class three times my Mom put an end to that.  I took piano, I read a lot, and I did lots of resume building extra curriculars (not that they didn't serve me well).  The idea of giving it a try at this late stage of the game is both exciting and terrifying.  And for some reason I'm all about trying shit out lately.  So what the hell.  Dancing for Dummies is at Jenstar Yoga in DePere on Tuesday nights at 5:15pm.  Feel free to come join me.  It can't be anything but a hoot.

On to the menu!
I made egg bake!  And it didn't suck!  The chorizo made it super spicy.  I loved it.  3 blocks of protein, fat from the sausage, and I added some fruit to round out the veggies.  There's a shitload of spinach and peppers in here, but all divided up I figured it wasn't 3 blocks worth.
Restaurant quality, bitches.

In my continual quest to clean out the fridge, I finished up the last of the Country Captain chicken and some green beans.  Microwaved frozen green beans with Kerrygold butter and pink Himalayan sea salt because I am fucking fancy.  Also, last I looked there wasn't a sea in the Himalayas.  That must be some primordial salt.

Threeish blocks.

Last venison stick and some raisins.  Two block snack.

Good-bye Maplewood meat sticks.  I'll miss you. 

Dinner was the Thai Basil Beef I didn't make on Sunday.  Sweet baby dolphins this shit is delicious.  Spicy, bright, and fresh tasting.  These beans are real.  

From Well Fed 2

Earlyish to bed tonight so I can early to rise.  Hopefully not in a blizzard this time.  

Days off FTW.

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