Saturday, April 12, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 106-108

Two days in Milwaukee for computer training.  You know who was in the class?  Me.  That's it.  Just me.  In a "101" computer class for a program I already kind of know how to use.  Zeus bless the instructors.  It has to be awkward teaching a "class" of one.  Especially when that one is a tattooed loudmouth with multicolored hair and a deep love of cursing.  They were both pretty cool, though.  I'd go out drinking with them.

It wasn't a complete waste of time, but it was a little fucked up that I had to drive all the way to Milwaukee and stay in a hotel for it.  On the plus side, I got to have dinner with an old friend (meaning we've been friends for a long time, not that she is-or I am-old) and go to Trader Joe's.  Trader Joe's is a wonderful place full of whole foods and creative candy.  And wine for three dollars.  Three dollars.  I clearly bought some.  I didn't drink it, but I bought some.  I was tempted to drink it.  Really tempted.

On to the menu!

Here's Thursday's menu:  RxBar for breakfast, JJ un-wich for lunch, and a three course dinner at the Rumpus Room in Milwaukee.  Holy shit do you need to eat at the Rumpus Room the next time you're down there.  We had an appetizer that boils down to "You there!  Bring meat and cheese!  Enough for two ravenous women!"  It was a platter of two kinds of meat (a salami and some mortadella), three kinds of cheese, figs, cranberries, honey, and olives.  The brought bread, too, but who gives a shit about bread when there's a plate of meat and cheese?  The second course was a salad with beef carpaccio and grapefruit sections.  Deeeeeeeeelicious.  The main course we split.  Seared scallops, sweet potato puree and brussels sprouts sauteed with side pork.  Amazing.  So I had cheese, and one beer.  Off with my head.

Friday?  Dried fruit and nuts and coffee for "breakfast", then nothing until I got home around 2pm.  Training finished up early, so I just hammered home.  Then proceeded to eat several venison sticks.  Dinner was mandarin chicken prepared by my loving husband.

Atop some spaghetti squash.

I ate some cherries for a snack later on.  Trader Joe's has the most amazing selection of unsweetened dried fruit.


Today things got back to normal.  I went to the gym (seriously my first "real" workout is over a week) and had some free WOD fun.  I made breakfast like normal.

I couldn't finish all the pancakes.  When you use 2 eggs it ends up being a lot of food.

My husband made spaghetti sauce on Thursday while I was gone.  It's even better after it's set for a day or two.  This recipe (from Well Fed 2) calls for balsamic vinegar and it has a fantastic bite.

Seriously, get in my belly.
I found a lonely packet of prosciutto in the fridge, so I made porkitos.  Porkitos and dried cherries were a perfectly nice snack.  I ate them in front of the dog.  She was not amused.

It's fucking bacon chips.

We made bacon wrapped chicken strips and roasted broccoli for dinner.  First go at this, and they were pretty good.  I think the oven was too full, because they didn't get as crunchy as I expected.  Still a winner, though, and the kids gobbled them up.

I mean, what's not to like?

 Then I had a little after dinner treat.


Tomorrow I have to take the kids to the gym for the challenge club meeting.  I'm debating taking the dog.  That might be a little ridiculous.  We'll see.

I was having this "Ermahgerd, husband works on Sunday!  When am I going to get a run in?!?" and then I remembered I don't have to work until 9pm on Thursday!!  I can run whenever I want!  Monday I'm going to CF at 9:15 and say hi to the group I used to work out with.  Tuesday will be 5:15 with my usual crew.  Wednesday 9:15 and the kids are at daycare/school so afterwards I'm going to hit the FRT for 5ish miles.  I am psyched.  One week of shadowing, then a whole week off, then it's on.  

I've got cleaning, cooking, and garden building to do!  So much time to accomplish whatever I want!  There may even be time for sock knitting.  

All my CF and running people that I've hardly seen these last two weeks?  I'm coming back!  


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