Sunday, April 6, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Days 101 and 102

It's been busy around here the last couple of days!  We spent about 9 hours travelling on Saturday and had a semi-sleepless Saturday night.  Today was all about busy boredom, just like having a new baby.  What were we travelling for?  This little girl.

This is Lucy.  

She traveled remarkably well, minus a little whining initially.  One little accident at my SIL's house (my fault, she was whining and I didn't take her out right away) and the rest of the trip was flawless.  Thanks to my lovely co-worker for bringing over her over-the-seat DVD players.  The kids were occupied the whole trip with minimal whining!  Woo!  She didn't eat much the last couple of days, but she's peeing and pooping (outside!!) and getting lots of treats.  Last night aside from a midnight outing she slept through.  I'm on duty tonight, so we'll see how she does.  Tomorrow we're off to the vet and PetCo for a Kong ball and a dog bed she can snuggle into in the living room.  She'll be crated while we eat (which she seems mostly cool with), while we're gone (haven't dealt with that just yet), and overnight (so far so good).

Making new friends is exhausting.

On to the menu!
Eating has been pretty decent, even with the new arrival and the general upheaval that brings.  I took this picture so you could see the kitchen chemistry I mentioned last week.  See the emerald green color?  That's backing soda and Sunbutter at work.  Still pretty tasty, though.

Chemistry is delicious.

We stopped at Hardee's for lunch.  I had a lettuce wrapped burger and a couple of curly fries.  Not the best road food, but certainly not the worst.  The place was about 20 minutes before we hit the breeder's place and timed out well.  They even had a ball pit for the burning off of energy.  Winning.


After pick-up and the drive to my SIL's place, I was hungry.  My lunch wasn't the most balanced, and didn't keep me full for long.  This RxBar and the dried fruit kept the hangry at bay while we were on the road.

It was an apple heavy day.

We got back to town around 6pm.  There wouldn't be time to cook anything at home so we stopped at Little Cesar's for one of the hot 'n ready pizzas.  And then I sat with two pizzas and breadsticks on my lap, inhaling their forbidden fragrance the rest of the way home.  I was salivating like Pavlov's fucking dog, and I wanted that pizza so bad I could literally, literally taste it.  But I didn't eat it.  I had leftover broccoli beef instead.

Not pizza.

Weird little snack a bit later.

One block, bitches.

Our little puppy friend is an early riser, so we had breakfast well before 7am.  I was cleaning up the fruit remainders so that's banana and blackberries mixed together.  Surprisingly tasty combo.

Three blocks of tasty.

We pretty much chased the puppy around all day.  The kids are being so fucking strange.  They wanted the dog, but only seem to want her in theory.  They all want to play with her, but don't want to actually touch her.  P is probably the closest to "getting it".  He will pet her while she sits in his lap and roll a ball for her, but spend any time away from her (nap, etc) and it's back to square one.  C calls her, then hides from her.  L lets her hair hang in front of her face and holds her arm out practically asking the dog to jump.  Sigh.  They'll get it eventually.  So far we are lucky, and little Miss Lucy is calm and cool as a cucumber with little bits of puppy crazy mixed in.

Lunch was leftover Country Captain chicken.  I didn't have much veg in the house to use for carbs, so I went the fruit route.  There's curry in the chicken recipe, and the pineapple was a nice compliment.

It's colorful, anyway.

My one block snack was a coconut milk latte and a meat stick.

I know.  Odd.

Later on I was just fucking hungry, so I ate this RxBar so I wouldn't eat pizza.

Not really satisfying.

Went to the grocery store and got backed into by a teenage boy in Mom's minivan.  Not entirely his fault, a car in front of me came whipping out of a parking spot (conveniently located behind a truck with an extra long bed) and I had to hit the brakes hard.  Then when I realized the dude wasn't stopping, I put her in reverse and let her roll back.  I would've been clear if the other car hadn't backed straight out in front of me. Then bonk I felt the van hit me.  Going 0.5mph.  The stupid little compact car that triggered the whole thing never saw me.  I actually felt really bad for this kid.  He was really nice, and I could tell he was pretty worried.  We exchanged information, and I'll follow up with his parents tomorrow.  The damage to my car was pretty minimal, and he basically had a slightly dented bumper.  First collision for me in a looooooong time.  

Meh.  It's a 6 year old paid off car.  
You can tell by the filth how much I care about aesthetics.

Got the shopping done, and came home in time to have Cincinnati Chili with zoodles.  This was really tasty, and there's enough for leftovers which is pretty boss.  My spiralizer broke, but I think I paid all of $10 for the thing and I've gotten plenty of use out of it.  We recycled it.  

This would be the shit on cheese fries.

So now we're watching Cosmos and Game of Thrones is DVRing.  After taking puppers out for the last time she'll hit the crate for a 15 howl break and I'll hit the couch.  I figure it'll take about a week for her to "get" the crate at night.  I'm sure it's disorienting for a little one.  Shit, I let my kids cry, a dog ain't no thing.

So much good TV to watch tonight.  I'll be up forever.

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  1. OMG, Lucy is SOOO cute! I wonder if the kids will get more used to her as she is around more. I never had a dog so don't even know how to act around them, now!

    Grr, that car thing is annoying! I hope it gets straightened out pretty quickly!