Monday, September 14, 2015

Blogging 2015: 735 down, 1280 to go (Lurong Day 1)

Well, it's Lurong time again. You know what that means, right? You get to look at snapshots of everything I put in my mouth.

Try to contain yourself.

Today was picture day for the smalls, so we got up early because C wanted his mohawk spiked up and P wanted his hair "Smooooooth". Got up, got dressed, getting ready to do hair... "Never mind, Mommy!"

15 minutes of perfectly good sleep time ruined. So I tried to unwreck myself as my ponytail was destroyed and I had eyeliner and sheet creases all over my face. I did a marginal job. Waffles and applesauce for breakfast, lunches made, then off to school with the three little pigs.  They know the drill now, so I literally walk onto the playground say "Laters" and they just go. Warms my heart to see them leave.

I sauntered home, unencumbered by small people and their constant whining, and made myself a nice hot cup of coffee and a plate of awesome breakfast.

And 24oz of water. I don't drink enough.

I considered waiting until the afternoon to workout, but I hate working out in the afternoon. So I went to the box for 915. I had a number in my head on the way there...then dropped it a bit (but not as much as I would have a year ago!!) when I realized just how many rounds we had to do. I got capped, but I put in a good effort, and I even did some decent backsquatting afterwards. Win-win-win.

Came home afterwards and made myself a goody-two-shoes lunch.

Here fishy, fishy.

And since I was waiting for the second of 4 loads of laundry to quit spinning, I chomped down one of these tasty bitches.

Oh, SweeTango, how I love you, you little harlot, you.

Then I washed, dried, and folded clothes. Because that's my life. Oh, I guess I did take the dog for a little walk/run. It was hotter than I thought, so we walked more than I planned. That totally counts as a two-a-day.

At the conclusion of the school day I collected the children, and had words with the girl child who's teacher has sent home yet another email about her inability to complete her in-class assignments. Seriously. We are 9 days in and the suggestion was that she stay after school 45 minutes possibly for several days until she catches up. I'm flummoxed. Maybe I should start sending her in with earplugs and blinders so she can't see anything other than her assignment.

Because I? Am a rotten instructor. What can I say? I was awesome at school. Standardized tests were like my fucking SuperBowl, yo. So trying to wrap my head around my daughter's complete lack of internal motivation is like trying to read Don Quixote in Mandarin. I know the story, I know the outcome, but goddamn if I can follow the plot.  

I took the kids to the box for CF kids this afternoon. The boys were stoked to be in the new gym, but C wondered if the old gym would find a new owner...because he didn't want it to be lonely. 

Afterwards they asked if we could go to McDonald's. Because that's exactly where you should go after a WOD. facepalm  They were a tad disappointed that Grant wasn't there, since they've been stuffing themselves with vegetables all week in anticipation of telling him all about it. They don't give a shit if I'm happy they're eating veggies. That's where I rank in all this.

So they had leftover chicken and cheese burritos and I happened upon this in the fridge. I didn't realize it was still there, and seeing it made my heart so happy it brought a tear to my eye.

Paleo Pad Thai, motherfuckers!

I had to restrain myself from snarfing it all down (hence the chopsticks). It was always is a day or two later.  Fantastic husband is the greatest for leaving this for me.

Oh, I also had a bacon snack.

Get in my belly.

And because it's Lurong, Alchy McBoozerton will be making a cameo. 6oz of Pinot Noir.

It's the principle of the thing.

The wine is medicinal. I just spent an hour drilling a third grader on spelling words.  That is boring as shit.

It occurs to me that I haven't picked a busyhands project. Maybe I'll just make a shitload of hexipuffs for my Beekeeper's Quilt.  Or maybe I'll just read the Throne of Glass series again.

Damn faerie stories, making me feel things.

Back to the box tomorrow, then some lunchtime yoga. Day 1, done. 9ish weeks to go...

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