Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Blogging 2015: 735 down, 1280 to go (Lurong Day 2)

Hey, I woke up again today! Woo! Before my alarm, of course, as there were two small boys making a racket down the hall. Then one (who shall remain nameless, but his initials are PJZ), made his way into my room to begin the eternal whine "Is it time to get uuuuuuppppp yyyyyeeeeeeetttttt?"

So I started them getting themselves ready and wandered downstairs to let the dog outside. I began assembling breakfast, a full on, restaurant style breakfast with eggs, bacon, toast, fruit, and juice.  So of course everyone was pissed about it.

"Do we have to eat eggs, again?"

"I don't want to eat toast!"

And I responded in kind. "EAT IT OR STARVE." Because I am a great parent. 

Once their breakfast was on the table I made their lunches, then made myself a cup of resentful coffee and plopped down in the living room to read (which conveniently allows me to tune out mumbled whining). Lucky for me fantastic husband came home in time to walk the kids to school this morning, so I didn't have to comb my hair. Hashtag winning.

Instead I made myself some breakfast.  Looks familiar, yeah?
Shut up, coffee cup, I don't need your judgement.

Then I finished my coffee and changed for the gym. Assorted movements today, including pull-ups which are on my bucket list. I dropped down to a red/purple band combo for 4 rounds, then thought "Oh what the hell" and attempted the last round with just the red band. And you know what? I was able to do it. It hurt like hell and I couldn't do 5 unbroken, but you gotta start somewhere.  I also realized today that it's time to invest in wrist wraps. And maybe a weight belt....NO. NO. I must...not...buy...more...gear.  Fantastic husband has wrist wraps. I'll use his. ImustnotbuymoregearImustnotbuymoregear

After the WOD I hustled home to drop dinner in the crockpot and let the dog out before snarfing some lunch and heading out for yoga. Yeah, that's right. Two-a-day like a boss. Lunch was leftover Czech meatballs and some snap peas (I know they are technically legumes, smartypants). 


I went to Flow45 which is designed to be an all-levels lunch hour type of session. The instructor was a college sophomore, just cute as a button. The realization hit me that I am old enough to be that child's mother...and I wouldn't have had to start that early in life.  


We had a really nice class, quick moving, challenging. I liked it. Being able to just flow through all that shit makes me feel like a badass. A yoga badass. It's a thing. 

Unfortunately, I had to go to the grocery store afterwards. So I was sweaty from 2 workouts and had crazy yoga hair. Hashtag sexy.  

I had a little afternoon snack. 

Then I prepped for dinner and plopped myself down in a chair for a bit. After a shower. I was pretty rank.

The smalls went to daycare after school today as fantastic husband was once again teaching ground fighting and wasn't home until after 4, so I was given the gift of silence.  Some people don't like silence. Those people are aliens and not to be trusted.

Dinner was one of my freezer meals, pulled pork.  I made "buns" from the 21-Day Sugar Detox cookbook and coleslaw from Nom Nom Paleo. You are jealous. Yes you are.

Here piggy, piggy.

It was pretty damn good, if I do say so myself.  

I maybe should've gone for a run today, but it was hot and I wasn't feeling it. I have to run a half-marathon on Sunday. I'm undertrained, but it's cool. I'm pretty much constantly undertrained, and it always turns out fine. 

Oh, I almost forgot. Drunky McBoozehound strikes again.  Last night it took me almost 2 hours to drink it all, but it was delicious. 

And water, because I'm fucking responsible.

I'm debating going to the fiveonefive in the morning, but the WOD goes up late and I don't want to go if it's a lot of hanging from the rig. I tore my hand last Friday, and while that has healed over okay, I opened my hand in 2 different spots today. One of them is deep and I'm leaving the skin flap in place to protect it for a bit.  You are welcome for that imagery. I hope you weren't eating.  

Tomorrow will likely be a run day, maybe while the smalls are at CF kids. Or not. I like to keep my fitness activities sporadic and unpredictable. It keeps my fat guessing.  

Maybe that isn't what Tony Horton meant by muscle confusion.  


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