Saturday, September 26, 2015

Blogging 2015: 776 down, 1239 to go (Lurong Day 13, Bellin Women's Half Marathon Race Report)

So I ran a half marathon this morning. Which by this time of the evening I've usually forgotten about. Sounds insane, right? Run 13.1 miles in the morning, get caught up in other stuff, run around chasing children, make dinner, get a cup of coffee, flop down in your chair and flip through Facebook.  Awww, look at all my friends who raced this morning! They look adorable! I wonder if that's a nice race....oh wait. I was there, too.

Oh, haaaaaaay...I ran this morning. That's probably why I showered earlier. Huh.

This was the inaugural running of the Bellin Women's Half-Marathon. I'm a sucker for an inaugural. I love to be present at the beginning of something. It feels...profound.

Good turnout, yeah?

The guest speaker at the dinner was Kathrine Switzer. She was really inspirational. She also had really, really good hair. If you don't know who she is or want more information, Google it. I'm not your mom.

The morning was too warm for my liking. I wore my pink plaid running dress. I didn't take a picture, sorry. It's the exact shade of pink my face turns when I run. It's comfy, and I love it, and I don't wear it often enough. I felt obligated to wear it today, this being a chick race and all. 

Breakfast was my standard pre-race. I forgot to photograph it, but it pretty much looked exactly like this.

The race begins at Bayshore Park, and we basically ran the length of Nicolet Drive, then onto East Shore, finishing at Bay Beach. There was more shade than I was anticipating, and that's a good thing, but it was warm and I could feel the salt crystallizing on my face and neck. One thing I will say about this race-it was extremely well supported. There were 9 water stops over the 13 miles, and they were very well placed. Nicolet is a scenic run (and I run it often...well, ran it, as I haven't "run" in a loooong time) with the Bay and the trees, etc. Even the whole "you don't turn until mile 10) thing is mitigated by the fact that the road follows the coastline, so it weaves back and forth.  

At the finish, Kathrine Switzer high fived me and told me she liked my dress. I geeked out just a bit. There was non-alcoholic champagne, brownies (didn't eat-too heavy), wraps (forgot about until I was already eating something else), and strawberry shortcake. Oh yeah, I took the cheat for the shortcake. It was fucking delightful. 

We also got a free ride on the Zippin Pippin, but I had to leave so I didn't take advantage. The medal was a medallion you can wear as a necklace. Not sure how I feel about it, if I'm being honest. It's pretty, but I have a medal rack, you know? This isn't really conducive to publicly displaying my level of athletic stupidity. 

See? Medallion.

I didn't really eat lunch. The shortcake was plenty filling (sorry, no was pretty). I showered up, got dressed, and got my stuff together to lead my daughter's scout meeting this afternoon. Fantastic husband is working today, so I also took the boys along. That was fun.

The meeting wrapped up early, so I took the kids over to the Budget Theater (one major bonus to having the scout meeting at the mall) to see the Minion Movie.  It was cute, I guess. I was pretty bored with it by an hour in, but the kids thought it was hilarious. I got them some popcorn. They were happy.

When we got home I had a package on the porch. It's my finished photobook from my pinup session back in July, just in time for fantastic husband's birthday (which is today). It's beautiful. I am super hot, in case you didn't already know that. Or at least I can be with enough make-up and photoshop (although I'm surprised at how little retouching they did, mostly just airbrushing out my many many bruises.

Garters are bullshit, BTW.

I really couldn't be arsed to make dinner, so I ordered a pizza. I didn't intend to eat any, but seriously I just needed to put some food in, so I had a slice of pizza. It was good...not OMG EAT IT ALL good, but you good. After supper I was cold, so I had a cup of coffee.  

I gotta stop listening to this cup. It's an asshole.


See how I forget running? Too much other shit going on. I finished well today, slightly faster than on Sunday and I felt better in the later miles. I have these moments during distance runs when I think "You know, I could maybe be good at this running shit if I tried harder", but then I think "Yeah, but then you'd have to try harder, and that is painful and time consuming" so I just go back to half-assing it.  

The kids are bouncing off the walls because their grandmother is scheduled to arrive tonight. I want to smother them all. I spent this entire week trying to denastify this place, and this afternoon I went upstairs to find glitter all over the bathroom counter and sink and stickers stuck in my hall carpeting. That makes me homicidal. I'm starting to understand why my mom wanted to throttle me pretty much my entire childhood.

Right now I'm going to head upstairs to wash the stink off the smalls. I also need to trim their nails, which is always a treat (how do they grow so long, and where does all that dirt come from?!?). Soon it will be time to tuck them in and stumble down the hall into my bed, and do you know what that will be? Glorious. 

Run the Bellin Women's Half! 

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