Friday, September 18, 2015

Blogging 2015: 742 down, 1273 to go (Lurong Day 5)

I worked last night, then made it home in time to walk the smalls to school. I came home and intended to go to bed right away, but got side tracked taking care of some odds and ends and didn't lay down until almost 9:30. Initially, I was going to go to Power Hour at the box (12:30), but I slept straight through my alarm. Miraculously I woke up in time to pick up the kids from school. So there's that.

Last night was fucking insane at both hospitals I service. The ER was jumping at our northern affiliate, and the orders were pouring out of that place. From about 11pm (when I went to a Code Blue at my site) onward it was non-stop all night. Orders, phone calls, questions, it was nuts.

As a result I didn't eat my "dinner" until 0130. I was starving.

Leftover beef and broccoli with cauli rice. 
Right down to the container. That shit is authentic.

My whole night was a clusterfuck of coffee I poured that went cold while I was sidetracked with other shit, food eaten at the wrong time (also ultimately cold), and desperately waiting for the cafeteria to open.  I had an apple, but was afraid to eat it to early. Apples make me hungry. Anyone else? Seriously, it's a thing. 30-45 minutes after eating an apple I am ravenously hungry. So I eat them for pleasure, but not to satiate. 

I should've packed some HBE or sliced veggies or something that's supposed to be cold. You never know. When the cafeteria did open at 0630 I was right there in line.

BACON and eggs.

When I got home I made a couple of phone calls and paid a couple of bills, then went down for my ill-fated nap. Ah well, I'll do the Lurong WOD on Monday with the husband. I'll be one day post half-marathon, but what's the worst that could happen.

Upon waking I was kind of hungry but not "meal" hungry. So I had some almonds and raisins. Mmmm...boring trail mix.

I love the salt/sweet interplay.

I got the smalls, who bitched about not getting to play on the playground, fed them a snack, and they went off to watch cartoons.  Dinner was leftover pulled pork and slaw. No "bun" tonight. No need.

Good thing I'm sleeping alone tonight.

I have a half on Sunday, so of course my uterus is in revolt. The Mirena has calmed things down considerably, but I'm still retaining an ocean of water. That's exactly what you want before you put on short shorts and a tank top in front of the world. I wonder if it'll be like having a camel hump? I won't need to drink during the race because I'm already retaining enough water to keep my hydrated for a week?

I needed wine tonight. One glass and one glass only.  And my little sheepy project bag. My busyhands project is officially the Beekeeper's Quilt. If I can knit all my sock scraps, it will be epic. 

DC blackberry wine from the bargain bin. Classy.

With luck I'll turn in early, tomorrow is a full day of kid-wrangling. I'm off the next 3 nights, which is pretty sweet. Only 10 shifts stand between me and 24 days off. That's right. TWENTY-FOUR days off IN A ROW. 

Hashtag winning.

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