Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Blogging 2015: 740 down, 1275 to go (Lurong Day 3)

I slept badly last night. I'm not sure why. I was plenty sleepy when we went upstairs, and I fell asleep easily, but I didn't stay that way.  Then around midnight P had a coughing fit, so I got up to medicate him...and it took forever to drop off again.

Then I had a bunch of fucked up dreams. I need to stop reading YA novels about faeries and magic. That yields some seriously twisted nocturnal machinations. Fantastic husband got up with the smalls and made breakfast, and I fell back asleep for one more blissful hour. He's a keeper, that guy.

Since I decided last night to hit up the 11:30am WOD today, I had time to kill after the kids went to school. So I hung out in my jammies and made myself a coconut milk latte with a touch of maple syrup.

My immersion blender fits in this cup. Perfect latte tool.

A while later (after finishing the third book in my faerie story series) I made myself some breakfast. You'll get tired of seeing this one. It's my favorite. Mushrooms, spinach, and egg with fancy-ass sea salt. 

Remember Nester? She is not only a happy ass, but a fancy one as well.

Just so damn perfect.

So I did basically nothing until it was time to eat before working out. Because I am a motivated individual.

Pre-workout. Can't make it in a shaker cup, but whatevs.

Today's workout was a trifecta of suck for me. 100 double unders, (which I can only kind of do on a good day, when the moon is full and I've made a virgin sacrifice), Forty-five 65# thrusters (with whom I've had a hate-hate relationship for going on three years now), and 45 pull-ups (which are my fucking nemesis). As far as you can get in 12 minutes.  I put up bands, but I didn't really expect to get that far.

Ended up, I did. I got about 50 DUs, and finished with 50 singles after the "try not to suck so much" time cap expired. Then I did 9 sets of 5 thrusters. I can do 11 or so unbroken, but saw no real reason to flog myself like that. The five rep scheme worked out fine. Then I did 20 pull-ups with the red/purple band combo. The last 2 reps might have been a little suspect. A little.  

My hands are so torn up right now. Yikes.

The workout also included a 1.5 mile weighted run.  My superfriend Laura and I dicked around with the weight vests for a bit and headed out together.

So much sexy.

She finished ahead of me, as I took a little walkie to work out a side stitch. I have no idea how heavy my vest was. Somewhere between "yuck" and "kill me". 

After. Who wouldn't want a piece of this?

Fantastic husband did the WOD at the same time, and as we walked out to the car he was like "I'm really fucking hungry" and I was all "Ditto". So we hammered home and ate. 

Fishy fish, snap peas, and ALL THE WATER.

I was able to motivate myself into the shower eventually. It was wonderful and also slightly painful due to my torn up hands. I got all clean and prettified in time to retrieve the smalls. They had CF kids today, so it was back to the box to drop them off. We ran to the grocery for some odds and ends while they played (I shit you not) squat potato. Then it was home for dinner prep.  I riced cauliflower in my Vitamix (that is fucking magic) and fantastic husband prepped the main dish.

Behold. Beef and broccoli with cauliflower rice.

I'll put this up against any take out in town.

After dinner I indulged in a few of these tasty morsels, and two of the 3 kids had some as well (and liked them). They all also implied that I was going to eat the whole container. Apparently I have not been modeling moderation very well.  


After supper we took the dog for a walk. Just a couple of miles in the rapidly cooling evening. Sunset is coming earlier than I'm ready for these days.

And now I'm boozing it up, Bleary McLushington style.
Whoa. The flash makes it ouchy.

Tomorrow depends on the WOD. If it's Lurong I'll go to CF, if not I'll just go to Barre. I might do both, but if I do? My ass is doing nothing but sitting the fuck down all day on Friday.  I have to work tomorrow night, but it's a one off followed by 3 days of PTO.  We shall see how shit shakes out.

Oh, and Coach T gave me some fabric wrist wraps to try today. It was like fitness Christmas.

Off to wash small people. My life is just one exciting thing after another.

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