Thursday, September 17, 2015

Blogging 2015: 742 down, 1273 to go (Lurong Day 4)

I decided before I got up this morning that the kids were going to have cereal. Mostly because they love it so much, and it is the most minimal effort breakfast that exists. I also decided before I got up that today would be a rest day (meaning I wouldn't go to the gym). My legs and hands are trashed and I needed a day to recover.

So I got the smalls moving and went downstairs to pull out the OJ, milk, cereal, and bowls. We let them have cereal once or twice a week depending on our stores of eggs, bacon, waffles, and pancake motivation. When I was a kid we had cereal pretty much daily. I can't recall a time when my mom made hot breakfast during the week. Every now and then we'd get lucky on Saturdays (rarely Sundays, we were always in too much of a hurry to get to church) and have French toast. Now, my mom did not purchase "kid" cereal. Not ever. There were Grape Nuts (which aren't bad heaped with about a half a cup of sugar), Corn Flakes (which are almost like Frosted Flakes if you heap them with about half a cup of sugar), Raisin Bran (and not the Post kind with the sugar, the Total kind without), and if we were really, really lucky Cracklin' Oat Bran (which I will still blissfully eat from the box to this day). I should note that I was only able to heap my cereal with sugar if my mom wasn't in the room. Even as a child I was a sugar whore.

We buy "kid" cereal. The reason being that as soon as I was free to eat bullshit garbage cereal every day if I wanted (hello, college!) I did. I ate every horrifying shitty carby garbage thing I could get my goddamn hands on. I drank regular soda with abandon, I drank chocolate milk by the gallon, and I ate motherfucking Apple Jacks every day. Or Fruit Loops. Or...sigh...Cocoa Puffs...aaaahhhhhh. I fucking love Cocoa Puffs. As a result of all this unfettered eating of forbidden things, I gained 50 pounds. FIFTY. POUNDS. In about 6 months. I still have the stretch marks.  So my game is to teach my kids that food is just food. We give them a shockingly balanced diet that includes things like shitty cereal from time to time, a soda here and there, and other delicious stuff like cookies and donuts. Combined with lots of activity, I'm hoping to spare them from my fate.

I digress.

They had cereal, I made their lunches and had coffee, and then I took them to school so I could scuttle home and make myself the egg sandwich I've been dying for.

Would've been better with cheese, but still pretty great.

Then I blissfully sat on my ass for a while and drank coffee and read a book.  Then I got dressed and made a shopping list for Costco and Festival. I was getting ready to head out when my stomach growled and I was all "Shit, I need food, but I already crated the dog and I don't have time for this"

Enter the RxBar.

So I dropped some cash at the store and headed home to make up some freezer meals to have on hand for the remainder of Lurong. I don't want to eat them every night (I do enjoy cooking fresh), but it's nice to know they're there when I'm out of time or ambition.  

After an hour and a half of food prep, the meals went into the freezer.

I made 8 of 10, I didn't buy enough pork.

Then I was hungry again, so I had a snack.


I had planned to nap, but that didn't pan out, so I'll be working tonight and coming home to nap before hitting the gym tomorrow. First night is never bad on no sleep. A nap is preferable, but since I'm coming off a week of solid sleep it's not as big of a deal. 

After another hour of lounging, I put supper together. Plan was for spaghetti and meatballs, so I grabbed out a freezer meal this morning.  My kids love this one. I make noodles for them and spaghetti squash for me.

Get in my empty, empty belly.

Incidentally, do you know what smells positively sinful when you're off grains?  Motherfucking garlic bread, that's what. I make it for the kids in the toaster oven and I was practically salivating while it cooked.  But I was strong. I did not cheat.

Earlier in the day I ran across a bit of lace I'd knitted a while back just to use up a single skein of Rowan kidsilk haze. I'd never blocked it or decided what to do with it, so today I soaked and stretched it. Once it was dry I still didn't know what to do with it, so I grafted the ends and made an infinity scarf. It came out kinda pretty. Lofted yarn is surprisingly warm, so I'm sure it'll be a nice neckwarmer this winter. 


I can't drink tonight since I have to work (well, I guess technically I could since I don't work until 2130, but if just feels wrong), and it was raining pretty hard which ruled out a walk with the kids/dog, so I gave myself a pre-half-marathon manicure.

At least my fingers are ready to run.

Exciting stuff. 

So tonight it's off to the salt mine, then home to nap before working out. Fantastic husband is off to visit his brother and run a half marathon of his own this weekend, so I'm solo with the smalls. It should go pretty well. Or, you know, not.

Stay tuned...

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