Saturday, September 19, 2015

Blogging 2015: 744 down, 1271 to go (Lurong Day 6)

Miracle of miracles, I slept past 7am! Now, the smalls were beating down my door for breakfast because they were ssttaaaaarrrrrvvviinnnng.

So I made them some pancakes. They were appeased. Since I had the griddle out, I made myself some pancakes as well.

Banana cakes with maple and some bacon.

Tomorrow is the Fox Cities half marathon. I've run the marathon relay before, but this will be my first go at the half. It's the 25th anniversary year, so we got socks and a beanie to commemorate that. Also the shirt is a true finisher's shirt-you don't get it at the expo. I like that. I kept the kids in line by offering them a "fun surprise" if they behaved. Since they were model citizens (aside from P's sudden need for a potty stop 10 minutes from home-and even that netted me a Starbucks), I followed through. We went to Monkey Joe's, which is basically just a big room with about 10 bouncy houses in it. They were elated. I set myself up at one of the tables with a book and my knitting and they scampered off to who-knows-where. About every 10 minutes one of them would run up and bear hug me from behind and whisper "You are the best mommy ever." Which is bullshit, but I'll take it. They ran around until they were pink and sweaty. Then I took them to McDonald's for lunch. Who's the best mommy ever?  That's right. I am. 

C&P cuteness factory.

After our little field trip we headed home and I had some lunch.

Last of the broccoli beef.

Then we went outside and played fetch with the dog for about an hour.  Dinner was leftovers. I was going to make something, but the fridge is so full I don't know where I would've put the leftovers from that. So we cleaned up some stuff.

Carb loading, paleo style.

It was a lovely evening, so we took the dog out for a couple of miles. These kids better sleep like the dead tonight. I have to get up insanely early, and I don't need to be jostled awake every 2 hours. 

I really have no idea how tomorrow is going to go. I'm undertrained from a running standpoint, but I'm in much better physical shape than at my last half marathon. I'm going to finish, it's just a matter of how fast. There's no way I'm going to PR, but depending on the weather I could get a time that I frankly don't deserve. Or I could crash and burn. It's a toss up.

Fantastic husband did a half with his brother today. He claims no one barfed. Might just be familial solidarity. Either way he will be home tomorrow, and I will be so happy to see him.

Mostly because I'm starting to hate the kids.

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