Monday, September 21, 2015

Blogging 2015: 760 down, 1255 to go (Lurong Day 8)

Since I ran a half yesterday, I thought I'd do a double workout today. Because that sounds like a really good recovery strategy.

Strangely, it worked out pretty well.

Got up this morning and let fantastic husband make the kids breakfast while I started in on a dish I've been jonesing for lately. Apple carrot sausage hash from the 21-Day Sugar Detox Cookbook. That book is totally worth it if only for the spice mix recipes in the back. They are fucking fantastic. This recipe is exactly what it sounds like. Ground pork, shredded apple and carrot, bacon, and magic seasoning.  Top it with a poached egg and it's bloody nirvana.

That damn coffee cup and it's demands!

I ate an apple on the way to the box. Do you really need a photo?

Since we missed the Lurong WOD last Friday, fantastic husband and I went to the box today to make it up during open gym. It was kind of awful. The kind of awful that sneaks up on you. You start out with "This isn't so bad, in fact it's kind of easy" and then at the end you are lying on your side heaving with one foot stuck in the rower.

So that was fun. I actually feel better now than I would have had I skipped it. My knees and hips got a nice shake out and some good mobility and while I was slightly stiff last night, I feel completely normal right now. 

And then since we were already there we stayed for the 1130 WOD. Because we are stupid like that.  At the end I just wanted to eat all the things.  ALL. THE. THINGS.

Instead I consumed yesterday's forgotten protein shake right after the workout (WINDOW OF GAINS, MOTHERFUCKER) and then came home and ate my good girl lunch.


And then we walked the dog because...well...she was pissy and it was a beautiful afternoon.  During the walk we were discussing dinner prep and carting the smalls to CF kids. I was all "I can do it" and he was all "Don't you have to sleep or something? You work tonight." and I was all "Shit, you're right. I do have to work tonight."  So when we got home he picked up the kids from school and I took a nap. 

Tonight's menu was homemade paleo chicken nuggets from Nom Nom Paleo. Fantastic husband suggested a sweet potato salad to go with them and we had all the ingredients so that's what we did.  In general I find paleo "breading" to be a big fat lie, especially if it involves oven baking. Every goddamn recipe that shouts "CRISPY OVEN CHICKEN FINGERS!" and involves coconut flour? Do not believe that shit. It is a LIE. So I was skeptical about the nuggets, but we had the chicken and we had arrowroot and we had lard for frying so we gave it a go.

Holy shit, people. They were fucking crispy. And delicious. The kids actually ate them. There were no leftovers. I'm not a religious person, but that's a fucking miracle right there. My only regret? We didn't have enough mayo to make sriracha mayo dipping sauce. I went for a little honey dijon instead. 

Chicken wads of destiny!

And now I'm sitting in the living room not drinking wine. Because I'm told I have to work tonight. Which probably means I should shower at some point, but Wheel of Fortune is really riveting right now so that's going to have to wait.

Back to the salt mine for the next 3 nights, then seven off again. I lead a rough life. Working 14 days a month is tiring. With luck our northern neighbors will have a dull evening and I'll actually get to consume some hot coffee. It's the little things.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go, because Pat Sajak is being delightful. 

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