Friday, September 25, 2015

Blogging 2015: 762 down, 1253 to go (Lurong Day 12)

First thing I did this morning? Cleaned a bathroom. Doesn't that sound like fun?  I also dusted, vacuumed, and washed sheets so that our basement living area would look less like it is inhabited by a colony of rodents. It is now off limits to the children until after their grandmother arrives.

Breakfast was some leftover apple carrot hash, complete with runny egg.

This was the last of it. Now I am sad.

Today was Lurong workout #2 at the box, so fantastic husband and I went to the 915. I had this apple on the way. We took his truck so he wouldn't sweat all over my leather upholstery.


I sort of forgot that since we were in his car my gym bag was not in the back.  We got to the box and I realized all I had for shoes was the pair of flip flops I was wearing.  Fortunately someone had a spare pair of socks, and there was a pair of perfectly sized lifters in the pile of unclaimed shoes in the lobby. It's cool because we're kind of like a family.

Jesus, would you look at my giant calves? Yikes.

The workout went fine. I was a little peevish because I wasted a lot of time changing plates (stupid sticky 15# plate) and I sort of panicked and flubbed a couple of reps. Oh well. That's what the retest is for. Afterwards we headed home and while husband made apple pie moonshine, I had some lunch.

Pulled chicken and slaw.

Then I cleaned the upstairs bathroom so our Monday night guests won't realize the squalor we usually live in. I also dusted and vacuumed the kids rooms and stripped all the beds to wash the bedding. 

Then I gave myself a manicure. Because I'm fucking feminine.

Packer game Monday night. Festive, yes?

Tonight was the expo/dinner/speaker for the inaugural Bellin Women's Half Marathon. I got a nifty bag and a fitted t-shirt...oh, and a headband. Nice swag and the expo was cool. The new KI Center is pretty swank. It was a pasta dinner, but I don't eat pasta, so I had an alternative.  And my free glass of wine.

Mmmm...veggies and chicken.

The speaker was Kathrine Switzer of Boston Marathon fame. She ran the race in 1967 before women were allowed. The race director tried to pull her off the course. Then her boyfriend body checked him onto the curb and she went on to finish the race. She told the story of her training for that race and the day of. Very inspirational. 

Then I bought a couple of headbands. Ponytails take maintenance, man. 

Now I'm eating raisins, because I live on the edge.  

I need to go upstairs and weed out my dress and shorts for tomorrow. It's handy that the race is right down the street. Means I don't have to get up at 4am. Hopefully it will be nice and cool, because the route isn't really shady at all. Note to self: wear sunscreen. 

Second half in 7 days. I have a problem.

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