Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My Hamstrings May Hate Me and Other Stories

It's fantastic husband's work day which means I fly solo with the spawn. This morning the boys got up and moving pretty rapidly (with only 2 fights over pants) and the girl child decided she needed "a few more minutes" which resulted in me basically stuffing her into some clothes at 7:05 so she'd have time to eat breakfast before school.

Breakfast on the table, lunches packed, winter clothes located...and then it was time to chase them into their get ups for the walk to school. I've only been walking them halfway (basically just across the main road) and letting them go the rest of the way alone. Two reasons: 1. It's cold and I'm lazy. 2. The boys are all about doing it themselves.  I like their moxie. I also like getting back to my coffee.

I made myself a nice breakfast and a cup of coffee.

These blueberries were fucking divine.

I went to the box for 9:15 today. Today was the third day in a row and my hip flexors and hamstrings knew it. I'm glad I went to yoga yesterday, because I'm fairly certain I would have been immobile today without all that deep stretching. Warming up was painful. Goodmornings with the bar held overhead? What fresh hell is this? I also realized during the warm-up that I'd grabbed the stripey leggings with the loose waist. Lucky me, I got to spend the whole workout hiking up my pants. Sigh. The coach took a video of class and I was actually in the shot part of the time! Almost 4 years at this gym and I've only ever been videoed once-for sucking at double unders. Now, I generally avoid being photographed or videotaped, but when you never ever make a WOD video people start to wonder if you actually go to the gym.  I didn't PR my clean & jerk, but I tied my old one and as sore and tired as I was today? Totally fine with that.

Time wasn't an issue today, so I stayed after the WOD to do some extra credit in the form of GHD sit-ups and handstand practice. I did a total of 100 GHDs and practiced lifting alternating hands off the ground while in a handstand. That's harder than it sounds. I feel as though 100 GHDs should grant a person an automatic 6-pack. It doesn't. Still only 2 somewhat questionable abs. Sigh.

Man, that mirror is gross. 
Someone should clean this place.

I came home after the workout and had some lunch.

It ain't all salmon and asparagus, people, sometimes?
I eat garbage.

I was desperately craving salt, so this is what I arrived at. shrug Mostly I just needed something to carry me through my planned 4 miler.

It was a really nice afternoon. Bright blue skies, high 30s. I geared up and headed out. My plan said to run 10:40s, so I went out nice and easy. Onto ice. Into a headwind. On dead ass legs. Sigh. I averaged 10:58s overall, but my pace was all over the map. Nine? 10:50? 11:15? They all felt the fucking same to me today. The wind and the surface and the traffic (seriously, traffic? It was 11am on a Wednesday!) made it more challenging, but I honestly can't "feel" my pace in a meaningful way. At one point I looked down at my watch (which gives real time pace) and it said 10:40 on the dot and I apparently became so happy that I sped way up and finished the mile in 10:20. Fuck me. I have the rest of the month to work on it, I guess. Still, as long as I've been running you'd think I could figure out pace.  I have zero awareness of my body in space. It's alarming.

I spent some quality time knitting rude mittens and drinking coffee. Afternoons spent alone in my house could be so productive. This could be the cleanest house in the neighborhood. Instead I knit mittens that say "Cold as Fuck" and take on oddball projects at the request of my favorite CF coach. That's right, I said it. Justin is my favorite. And because he's my favorite I'm knitting another hat for his soon-to-be baby. It's coming out beautifully so far. I realize this seems out of character for me, but in my defense it's going to use up quite a bit of miscellaneous yarn from my stash.

I won't spoil the surprise.

I took the kids to CF kids after school and they had a good time as usual. All 3 actually ate the leftover chili I served for supper, so that's a win.

With cheese. Mmmmmm.

I still have to wash the stinky little bastards tonight, but once they're clean I can stuff them into bed and they won't question the timing. T-minus 30 minutes or so.

Oh! I also got my Instant Pot today! Because I totally needed another kitchen gadget. But I have a recipe for Mongolian Beef that must be tried. 
It's in the box. I'm too lazy to go over there.

Tomorrow will be fairly light for me, with a trip to the box at 9:15 followed by a haircut/dye with the fabulous Kim. My hair didn't fade as much this go-round, but could still use a little re-redding, so that's the plan.  No run and no yoga tomorrow! Woo! Hopefully I'll be able to get a substantial nap in the afternoon before heading back into the salt mine tomorrow night. 

It's time to start buckling down on my studying for the Peds exam and earning some CE in the process. Hopefully my brain will benefit from all this increased activity. More bloodflow or oxygen or some shit.

Another week off draws to a close. It was a good one. Here's hoping I can maintain momentum going into this next week and carrying forward. I will conquer my inner sloth one day at a time.

The 25 Greatest Sloths the Internet has ever seen @thekyla Wolf - I can't stop laughing:
At least my inner sloth is a badass.

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