Thursday, January 7, 2016

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Waking up went better this morning (50% less arguments about pants! 100% less panic dressing of the girl child!). Figures, because I fed them cereal this morning. Everyone beats a path to the dining room for cereal, but a full hot breakfast? That shit is getting cold on the table and nobody cares. I've no doubt those ungrateful bastards would subsist on Froot Loops and Pringles if given the option. I find this frustrating because we actually cook food that doesn't suck. My mom was not a good cook. Just ask her, she'll tell you. Canned beets and cauliflower steamed into mush alongside a dry-as-dust teriyaki marinated chicken breast? My kids should be kissing our feet for the meals we provide. To this day I can't stomach teriyaki. They'll get theirs, though. As soon as they go off to college? No longer invited for dinner. Suck it.

The school walk was the purview of fantastic husband this morning so I just enjoyed my coffee and the news. Lucy the psychotic Vizsla was off to Fun Camp for the day so I made my own breakfast a little early so I could drop her off on the way to the box.

Wasn't feeling eggs this morning.

My original plan was to take a Barre class today, but I was able to get a haircut so I reorganized. I dropped the dogger off and headed over to CrossFit for some lunges and rowing. Four days in a row isn't usual for me, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to pay tonight as the muscle soreness sets in. Those 100 GHDs yesterday? I'm just now starting to feel the soreness. By morning sneezing is going to be excruciating. Awesome.

I've been trying to score a pair of Chameleon capris from InkNBurn for about a year. They never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever have my size in stock. If you try to Ebay that shit or after-market it? The price becomes ridiculous. I don't want them that badly. The other day a Chameleon print racerback became available and I bought it. Not as cool as the pants, but the tank fits like a glove, it's pretty, and the material breathes and doesn't bind. Worked great for me today. 

Pardon the stupid stance.
I was trying to show the print.

After the workout I did some extra credit lifting and worked on my handstands for a bit. I actually hit a freestanding (still with the wall behind me for safety) a couple of times. I got a few pointers from one of the coaches, and I started migrating out from the wall. It's so close...I'll keep practicing.

I had my hair colored and trimmed, and then realized I hadn't eaten anything since the above toast and fruit. Yesterday I was desperately craving a cheeseburger, and I still wanted one today, so I decided to give 5 Guys another shot. I ordered ONE "little" cheeseburger with mustard and pickles. It took TWENTY MINUTES to get it. I get that they're made to order, I do, but twenty minutes for one cheeseburger when all you make are hamburgers and fries? Fuck you. 

Yep, I'm eating a cheeseburger in bed.
Be jealous.

Since it's back to the salt mine tonight I took a nap this afternoon. Sometimes that works well for me, sometimes not. I ate my cheeseburger and watched a little TV. I'm pretty sure I slept, but I had a series of interesting-yet-slightly-fucked-up dreams and I think I woke up a lot. But I lucid dream pretty often, so maybe not? Either way, I rested for a few hours and hopefully it'll be enough to carry me through tonight. Tomorrow is a light day, just 3 miles at 10:30min/mile so I'll get some sleep and catch those miles in the early afternoon. Ordinarily I'd go to yoga, but there's a special session and the timing doesn't work for me. Oh well. Sunday night. 

After I woke up (if I was sleeping) I spent some time chit chatting with fantastic husband, then headed out to collect the dog from Fun Camp. She fucking loves Fun Camp. I almost feel bad going to pick her up. She's happy to see me, but I feel like we are way less fun then her dog buddies. 

Tonight fantastic husband made a dish we used to eat all the time, but sort of forgot about. Pesto chicken with spaghetti squash. This is so easy and so delicious. 2 jars of pesto, some mozzarella, and a squash. 


I have my runs scheduled for the coming week, my yoga classes booked, and a tentative WOD schedule worked out. Hopefully the next 7 days will be full of quality sleep and good activity. The first part of this week went pretty damn well. I have a tendency to forget to log my workouts. It seems like a silly thing, but you can't track progress if you don't track. I've been really lax about recording the weights etc I use at CF over the years and I'm sure that's hurt me over time. I've been pretty consistent for more than a month now, and I like watching the pages fill up in this book.

Is there anything more beautiful than a full training log?

The purpose for tracking is 2-fold. I see the sports nutritionist in a week and I need to be able to say "This is what I do" and back it up with numbers. Data tells a story. Also seeing full pages in this thing is motivating for me. I don't want to follow up 4 days like these with 3-7 days of blank spaces. 

Time for a little Wheel watching (I'm old, shut up) and knitting. One mitten almost finished and because i have 2 hands I guess I'll start another. Back into my Angel of Death get up for another week. Unless we hit the Powerball on Saturday night. 700 million dollars? I think I could live on that for a good long while.

I could get those diamond fangs I've always wanted.

That's hot.

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