Saturday, January 30, 2016

I'm Hungry!

I'm hungry! I'm hungry! I want to shout if from the rooftops! JFC, that sounds incredibly stupid, doesn't it. This is big news, though! I was actually hungry for my scheduled meal like 3 times today!

Since we were going to the box for the free WOD at 0815, I set my alarm for 0615 figuring I could get up and have a cup of coffee before the spawn awoke.  Nope. I had company telling me he loved me and coughing in my face at about 0550. He's cute and he give good hugs, though, so I let him stay. They all decided they wanted cereal, so I made them get dressed (it's always a fight if I wait until after breakfast) and went downstairs to get the sugar-whoozits out of the cabinet for them and start prepping my own meal.

I had the usual, and I actually wanted to eat it.

I was so hungry. This was perfect.

We made it to CFGB with a little time to spare, so I got to shoot the breeze for a while when I should've been foam rolling. I tried out my clearance lulu pants. These are supposed to make you feel "held in". They are seamless, high waisted, and have compressive panels that are supposed to support muscles at strategic points. The fabric is fairly thick, and they are bouncy as fuck. I'm totally going to wear these things for squatting, and I'm really glad I got 2 pairs on clearance when I did. They're all gone now, unfortunately. $118 pants marked down to $39. So much win.  Also size 8. Just had to throw that in there.

Thick enough not to discolor from sweat.
It's a concern.

So we did all the things, I did some GHDs, then I loaded up the kids and came home. As they have no sense of time, they started asking for lunch. It was 0930. WTF. 

I was sort of hungry at that point (CRAZY I KNOW!), but I wasn't in the mood to do much prep so I made a protein shake. I've tried to avoid turning to "medical food" as it were during this process, since convenience food can be such a shitty trap to fall into. Bars, pills, shakes, drinks...they have their uses, but I feel really strongly that extensive supplementation isn't necessary for a low-level athlete like myself. I'm trying to learn to eat for fuel through this process, and just switching from Luna bars to Larabars isn't really the point. 

Anyway, this is a chocolate protein powder-almond milk-sunbutter-oatmeal shake. It was delicious and filling. Before 10am. Because that's when it's appropriate to drink a big ol' chocolate shake. Try explaining this bad boy to small children. "No's not dessert...Mommy's in the window of gains"


I made lunch for the spawn and started in on my laundry. As I've mentioned before, I have a shitload of workout clothes. I haven't done laundry in about 2 weeks. That's a lot of scrubs and tech. I had three loads of sports bras and leggings and tank tops and scrubs. Good news is now all my favorite underpants are clean.
None of these things are underpants.

It wasn't until after 1pm that I was ready to start making lunch. Good news is I did want it. I spent a little time hacking apart a big filet of salmon from Costco and bagging 3-4 servings with lemon oil and seasonings. One bag in the fridge and 2 in the freezer. Should be good for a week or so. I hadn't had asparagus in a while, so I picked that up at Costco, too. Big pile here with some mango on the side. Baked in the toaster oven. I will never steam asparagus again. 


I didn't want my snack, but I ate it anyway.

Roasted red pepper hummus.

The kids spent a large portion of the afternoon tramping around in the snow, so with luck they'll be unconscious quickly when bedtime draws near.  They worked the dog out pretty well, not that you can tell with a psychotic Vizsla. She's out back right now barking at gods-know-what.

Dinner tonight was leftovers. Kielbasa, corn, and pears for the kids, sub snap peas and half a sweet potato for me. Easy to toss together, and they love these kielbasas. Clean plates, happy mommy.

Lazy, yes.

Now I'm just sitting around, waiting for fantastic husband to come home. I'm trying to slow my roll on The Expanse series. I'm almost done with book 4, and book 5 is the last one currently published. I'm not ready to say good-bye to Jim Holden et al yet. The problem with being a fast reader...books are over far too quickly. I've decided to take on a couple of big knitting projects this year. A large beaded shawl that I want to finish before we leave for our anniversary trip so I can wear it over a dress and feel fancy pants, and a monthly "knit-a-long" blanket with yarn from one of my favorite dyers. Each month I get a skein and part of the pattern. At the end of the year I'll have an afghan. My sock club isn't running this year as the designer is going on an extended trip, so this will be my substitute. I'm looking forward to it. 

Yes. I read and knit for fun. I'm pretty much 90. Get off my lawn.

In a couple of hours I'll have a snack. What I've come to think of as my dessert. I might actually be hungry for it, and that would be exciting.  


Tomorrow we'll take the fam back to the box for the Team WOD at noon. These have been fun the last few times, so I'm looking forward to it. Monday I even get to go to the #fiveonefive which is exciting for me because it's been weeks since I've seen my early morning people. Also I'll have the time to do a little squatting afterwards, and I have a slow 6 that needs to happen at some point during the day. Getting the WOD out of the way early frees up a lot of time later. 

Hmmm...if I shoehorn that run in around 8am I can make yoga at 10 and be done for the day before noon. Here's hoping the weather gods are with me so I don't have to do 6 at 11min/mile on the fucking treader.

There's still a lot of slutty cookies in the kitchen. Seems like I may earn one tomorrow.

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