Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Checkin' Boxes, Makin' Gains

I woke up this morning feeling pretty damn great. I slept a ton yesterday (thanks, Percocet!) and woke up feeling refreshed and ready to "resume normal activities". The boy children were already awake and involved in some kind of game in their room, the girl child was still zonked out as usual.

Fantastic husband started the morning with romance. "Do you want to make breakfast, or lunches?" he whispered in my ear. Lunches. Duh. Lunches don't involve any actual cooking, just assembly line style construction. Easy peasy. He made eggs for the hungry vultures and they ate them with minimal complaint. Aside from C whining "You know, I found out that I really don't like butter on my toast...". There's always something.

I opted to have my grain serving for breakfast. Oats and blueberries and almonds.

It ain't muffins, that's for damn sure.

Then fantastic husband was off to training and the kids were off to school. I had an hour to read my book and drink coffee, then it was making a snack and hauling the dogger to Fun Camp for the day.  I sliced up a red pepper and grabbed a couple of cheese sticks and a FitAID and hopped in the car.  Surprisingly, I was actually hungry for my snack this morning. Huzzah!


I'd take bets that I was the only person eating red pepper strips on the highway at 9am. Just a hunch. 

The WOD today was "Jackie" and involves rowing, thrusters, and pull-ups. I actually rowed pretty well today, and the thrusters were as okay as thrusters can be...they're light in this workout at only 45#. There's 50 of them, but they're light. Pull-ups took 2 red bands today, and I was doing singles at the end on fried shoulders. I stayed after for some jerk practice, GHDs, and handstand practice. I got a few freestanding, which was a good feeling. I was there long enough to say Hi-and-Bye to fantastic husband, then headed home to make myself a gigantic lunch. Eating more mid-day worked out great today.  Double salmon, a whole sweet potato, and a cup of snap peas. I was really full afterwards, but I didn't feel ill.


My training plan called for 3 miles at 10:30 today. By rights I should've run outside as the weather was favorable, but there were two negatives to that.  1. I would've had to change my clothes. 2. One of the after effects of ablation is frequent urination.  I didn't want to get 1.5 miles from home and have to pee, so I made use of Torvald the Treader and watched last night's episode of The Daily Show. Trevor Noah makes 3 miles fly by with his dimpled self.

So pretty.

Life ticked endlessly forward...the smalls came home from school, then had a snack. So did I. Spicy avocado hummus from Costco and another pepper. This hummus was really good, for all it's a shitty color.

Seriously, like baby poo.

Fantastic husband took the spawn to the box for CF Kids. They were total assholes by report. Figures. Oh well, the coach today has a newborn at home...this was like a shitty look into the future. We like to keep it real. While they did that I visited a friend in the hospital and shot the breeze for a bit before picking up the animal at daycare.  She was psychotic as always, but seems pretty tired now.

How is this comfortable?

Since I ate all my required vegetable servings but missed a legume, I had a black bean cheddar burger for supper. I'm allowed as much veg as I can hold, but I wasn't all that hungry at supper time and I was a little pressed for time. Not really in the mood to force feed myself broccoli.


After dinner I hustled down to DePere for hot yoga. I mean, they said I could resume normal activities. Parking is always a bitch on Wednesday nights, so I hustled in under the wire and was lucky to squeeze into the back corner (thanks, Liz!). I don't know what was up today, but I was sweating bullets. Way more than usual. I like Wednesday night yoga. It's the perfect mid-week pick-me-up (or slow-me-down) depending on the week. 

Still had a couple of boxes to check when I got home, so I made myself a snack. Blackberries, greek yogurt, and chia seeds.


So this fantastic food journey for the last week or so has left me constantly gestating a food baby. For real. I feel like I'm 5 months pregnant with...I don't a watermelon or something. Observe.

Food. Baby.

It's seriously getting on my nerves. I feel as though my food baby needs a name. Lars? Holden? I feel like the food baby is definitely a boy. On the plus side, if I actually were pregnant I'd be looking super cute.  But I'm not pregnant. I'll never be pregnant again (see previous sterilization and recent uterus burning). 

Tomorrow it's back to the salt mine for a 6 day stretch. We'll see how the feeding goes when it's on a 24 hour clock. I'm optimistic. 

Now back to my regular scheduled force feeding.

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