Monday, March 3, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 68

This is going to be short, because I'm getting a stupid cold and I want to go to sleep!

As a general rule, I hate pills.  Seems stupid, considering my profession, but I'll do almost anything to avoid taking medication-unless it interferes with my productivity.  Then I will drug the shit out of myself.  I'll be med cabinet diving this evening.  Mama don't play nasal congestion.

On to the menu!
Breakfast was pretty standard, though I did throw in some fruit in the form of a band grapefruit.
The incredible, edible egg.

I had a little treat mid-morning.
The apple ones are deeeeelicious.

I didn't have much for lunch and I had a hankering for some chili, so I got some.  Also some sweet potato fries.  I only ate about a third of these, since they got cold quickly.  The chili really hit the spot, though.  
Nothing like hot chili on a cold day.

I went and got my hair cut after work.  My stylist is "retiring" from the business and getting a day job.  I'll be able to squeak one more visit in before she's done for good.  It makes me sad.  She's been doing my hair for almost 10 years.  Long, short, brown, red, or blonde, she took my kooky ideas and made them look great.  

I wasn't home for the family meal, which was just leftovers tonight.  We had a lot of stuff built up in the fridge, so we knocked down some meatza tonight.  I wasn't in the mood for a pork chop, so I had the old standby with spinach and mushrooms plus the other half of the grapefruit.  Also bacon.  Anyone who says you shouldn't eat bacon twice a day is probably a communist.

I only ate half the Kai Jiao.  Breakfast tomorrow is made!

I wanna go to the gym tomorrow, so as long as I'm able to get some sleep I'm headed to 5:15.  I don't forsee sleeping being a problem as I'm halfway there now.  Now to find the Sudafed...

Stupid head cold.

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