Monday, March 10, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 75

We just got back from a little stroll around the neighborhood.  The kids ran and tripped and scraped the skin off their noses, but we cleaned up the blood and went back out again.  We had a family skip for about 100m as we approached the house.  It doesn't matter.  The neighbors already think we're bent.

I went to the gym this morning.  I almost had a heart attack when I looked at the dash in my car and saw 3:48am.  There is something deeply horrible about going to the gym before 4am.  I realize it's just the fact that I didn't set my clock ahead, but aside from this arbitrary "daylight-saving" bullshit?  I was driving to the gym at 3am.  Bitches better recognize.

Unfortunately everything was super heavy today.  Oh well.  I got it done, and got to congratulate a friend who achieved the elusive Chest to Bar pull-up for the first time.  Good stuff.

On to the menu!
I ate part of a RxBar on the way to the gym...and proceeded to lose the rest of it.  It's probably in my gym bag, but I'm sort of afraid to look.  Breakfast was made by my loving husband, who is the best darn egg fryer around.
With a little fruit.

I brought some grapes to work, but I wasn't really feeling them.

I brought some leftover chili for lunch.  Then I forgot to take a picture of it until I was done.

I ate an RxBar as a snack this afternoon.  I'm doing it again with the packaged food.  Gotta make some new bars and limit the RxBars to a few a week.

Dinner was a new recipe from Nom Nom Paleo:  Crispy Smashed Chicken.  Essentially it's chicken cutlets, but "breaded" with coconut flour and spices. It was tasty.  We had it with salsa.
A winner for sure.

So I'm getting ready to change jobs and my schedule is going to be flip flopped every other week.  Eating is a challenge on third shift, as your body craves food to deal with tiredness and hormone shifts.  I'm thinking of trialing the Zone as a way to combat stupid eating on nights.

Jesus.  Here we go.

Does this way of eating make sense from a Paleo standpoint?  Yes.  From a biochemical standpoint?  Yes.  I can't argue the rationale.  However, I feel like I'm going to be redoing every fucking recipe calculation I ever did for Weight Watchers points for Zone blocks.  I don't want to count my food. I just want to fucking eat.  I will reserve judgement until I've finished the book and tried to apply it.  If I have to spend a half hour trying convert ounces/cups to blocks for recipes then recalculating into servings then trying to even out the blocks?  Yeah.  That's not gonna fly.  

So back into the book I go.  I'm going to need some dates.  

I can't make the box tomorrow morning, so it'll be speedwork on the treader.  My left knee was very upset with me this morning (it was fine yesterday, who knows?) and even though it was better after working out it continued to bug me most of the day.  It's fine right now, but we'll see what the morning brings.  My speedwork is 3x1600s.  Yuck.

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