Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 77

My first day trying to follow the Zone, Paleo style.  It went...okay.  I get the overall concept, it's more the fine tuning that's getting to me.  Dr. Sears is all about the "eyeball" method of Zoning, which is lovely, if you know what the quantities in question look like.  This would be facilitated by food lists that match up.  Sears' own references don't match!  How am I supposed to get to a place where I can eyeball if I can't start from a place with measurements?  I'm an analytical personality type.  If you want me to follow a set of rules they better be well-defined, motherfucker.  

I still have several unanswered questions.  Like in a recipe, do I only count the predominant macro, or all of them?  What if the amounts in the the serving size don't add up to a block?  Do I round up or not count them at all?  What about cooking fat (because I'm sorry, Dr. Sears, ain't no way I'm spraying a pan with non-stick spray when there's a jar of bacon fat right there)?

After doing all the math I get my number of blocks as 12.  So today I split that up as 3/3/1/4/1 with 3 blocks for breakfast, 3 for lunch, 4 for dinner, and two 1 block snacks.  I wasn't totally "on" with some of my measurements, but I tracked my hunger like I was told to determine how well I did entering "the Zone".  

On to the menu!
Breakfast was pretty damn close to exactly 3 blocks.  2 eggs + 3 bacon = 3 blocks protein, 1 whole grapefruit + 1/2 tbsp maple syrup in my coffee = 3 blocks carbs, 2 tbsp coconut milk = 3 blocks fat.
Verdict?  I ate at 7am and didn't start to feel hungry until 11am.  Bingo! I'm in the Zone!

Shut the fuck up.

I didn't pack a morning snack, but I ate my lunch a little after 11 because I was hungry.  I was shooting for 3 blocks, but I fell short of carbs (I had portioned the beans for myself, but had to give some to the kids for dinner last night).  I had leftover crispy smashed chicken (it's just about 3 oz-looks like more because it's, well, smashed) for 3 blocks, 2 clementines = 2 blocks carbs, and what was more like 1/2 c (1/2 block) of green beans.  I started out with a whole cup of beans, but again, had to share with kids.  I realized I didn't have any fat, so I lifted some butter from the break room and slapped it on my beans.  Verdict?  I was hungry at about 2:30, a little ahead of schedule.  Unfortunately, I didn't have a snack along so I drank a shitload of water and stirred some honey into a cup of tea which worked just fine.  I had my snack when I got home.
Not enough beans.  They're good for your heart, you know.

This snack is super stupid.  1 macadamia nut = 1 block fat.  That's right, bitches.  ONE macadamia nut is one block of fat.  Those little grease balls are practically pure unadulterated fat, so think about that the next time you slam down a jar of chocolate covered macadamias or bite into a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie.  FAT. CITY.  1/2oz of dried goji berries = 1 block carbs and 16 turkey pepperoni= 1 block protein.  Dumbest snack ever.  When this gym challenge is over and I go back to eating dairy the snacks will be easier.  When you don't eat dairy your protein options are pretty much meat, meat, meat, eggs, meat.  I'll be eating jerky like it's my job.
Such a stupid snack.

Tonight was taco night, and my loving husband made guacamole (one of my favorite things in the world). I had a taco salad as usual.  This is about 4 blocks.  4oz meat = 4 blocks protein, 4ish cups of greens and a whole tomato = 4ish blocks of carbs, 2 tbsp guac + olives= 4 blocks fat.  I probably could've counted some fat from the beef, but that's one of the things that's baffling me right now so I said fuck it and ate extra guac.  You can never, never have enough guac.

So pritty.

I made a snack to eat later on.  Fried banana with walnuts.  This deviates a bit from the 1 block thing, because a banana is 2 blocks (according to one source) and I had no fucking clue what protein you'd eat with fried bananas.  I would think a soft cheese like brie might be nice, but again, no dairy so that's out.  I fried the banana in a bit of coconut oil, so I'm thinking this boils down do 2 blocks carbs and 2 blocks fat.  I sprinkled some cardamom and cinnamon on them.  The "recipe" actually calls for honey, but that seemed stupid as caramelized banana is already pretty fucking sweet.

It's tasty. 

So there you have it.  A day circling the Zone.  I thought way too fucking much about what I ate today.  I still haven't really had to apply it to a recipe since we had single source stuff in the fridge.  I also feel like I'm going to have to plot all my meals on graph paper a week in advance to make sure I'm not fucking it up.  It's like Paleo on steroids.  I haven't thought about portion size in years aside from "thassnotenuff" and "thasswaytoomuch".  Maybe I should.  Maybe I could take my body fat percentage from 30ish to 25ish.  That's a good goal, right?  Or I could just cram dark chocolate bars into my face and swill red wine.  That sounds particularly awesome to me at this particular point in the lunar calendar.  

Tomorrow I'm off to the box for some 5:15am mobility.  I'm stoked because this is the first mobility WOD I can actually go to.  Tomorrow night is the next Open workout announcement and that's pretty awesome too.  And Friday I can go get the Open workout out of the way immediately.  Love that.

A co-worker told me about a Friday night yoga class taught to all rap music.  That sounds like a fucking awesome way to end the work week.  Start the day with Old School Friday at CFGB and end it with yoga to a soundtrack that is the antithesis of "yoga music".  I wanna go.  

I also want abs.  

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