Saturday, March 22, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 87

The smalls are back.  It's loud in here.

Got to sleep past 7am today, which was pretty rad.  Then we got up and had a little breakfast before trucking over to the box for the Saturday Free WOD.  My husband has only been able to come with me once before, and we had to take the kids.  It didn't go well.  So we took the opportunity to go today, kid free, and we had a ton of fun.  It was a team WOD, and there was much laughing and some dancing.  Good stuff.

Tomorrow is the boys' 4th birthday, but since my husband had to work we gave them their presents tonight.  There are a million ninja turtles laying around, and P is wearing the new costume ninja turtle shell.  They are actually playing nicely with their joint toy...the Shellraiser.  Jesus.

On to the menu!
We ate before going to CFGB, because you never know what the free WOD is going to be and crapping out because your sugars are low is not fun.  Ask me how I know.  So I had first breakfast.
I didn't eat the pager.

This was plenty for the workout.  We laughed our way through burpees, lunges, squats, push-ups, running (repeat) for about 30 minutes.  Then we headed home to shower up.  I had second breakfast, because I'm a fucking hobbit.

Eating paleo is soooo booooooring.

I have to say, fresh strawberries are a dynamite addition to banana pancakes.  This was really, really good.  Also filling.  Since it was going on lunch time when I ate this, I ended up skipping lunch.  

I went to Target to round out the stuff for the boys' birthday present, and I got a call while I was there which meant I had to head to the office.  I was going there anyway, but it horsed up my plans a bit.  Still, I got to help someone out and get some housekeeping stuff done.  I hate leaving things unfinished, so I'll probably run in tomorrow and make sure all our ducks are in a row before my final exit.  I start back at the hospital on Monday at noon.  No down time for me...I swear I haven't been unemployed longer than 5 minutes in the last 22 years.

I made it home and wrapped presents just in time to sit for 10 seconds before the kids arrived.  Dinner was cleaning up some leftovers and a quick sausage.  Heh.  Sausage.  I had to go get my own because someone keeps forgetting to bring the hot sticks he promised to the box.  

That's ghee, not butter.

I finished off the last of the "vanilla" cauli mash.  I'm gonna be gassy tonight.  Good thing I'm home with just the kids tomorrow.  They'll just think one of the other kids farted.  I also don't have to do any squatting that isn't laundry basket related. It's a rest day up in here.

I'm considering buying some yoga classes.  I really felt like it helped with my mobility these last couple of weeks.  I can also never get too much balance work, and maybe a little more yoga will help me even up my legs.  I still feel like a bull in a china shop, and I could feel the yoga girls staring at my tattoo...probably didn't help that I was wearing a "Sun's Out, Guns Out" tank top, but fuck it.  To quote a friend "I do what I want."

Oh, and this came.
You have no idea how happy this shirt makes me.

On the docket for the rest of the night is watching Frozen and eating popcorn for the kids.  I may go for a shamrock shake, because why not?

My little babies are 4.  When the fuck did that happen?

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