Saturday, March 8, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 73

I think I jammed my thumb.  That is so stupid.  I think the last time I jammed my thumb I was in junior high.

This morning I had high hopes of sleeping until 7am.  I'm not sure why, since generally Saturday morning means I have company at around 6am.  Specifically two small boys who hiss "Isss it time to wake up yet? Can we have pancakesssss?" into my ear every 5 minutes.  So we got up and I made pancakes, which they promptly annihilated.  Truthfully, it makes me feel good when they ask for this kind of thing for breakfast.  Yes, I realize pancakes are not the healthiest thing to eat.  That said, they beat the shit out of cereal.  The also ask for eggs and bacon relatively frequently, and along with the request for pancakes usually comes a request for fruit.  I think if I just served pancakes they would be very disappointed.

My workout today consisted of cleaning and laundry and dishes and cooking.  Sometimes that shit just has to get done.  The forecast has been adjusted a bit for tomorrow and apparently there will be wind. It's okay.  As long as it's sunny I will enjoy the dry pavement and fresh air.  I'll just have to wear a hat.

On to the menu!
Since the kids were having pancakes I had some, too.  I even put a little *gasp* maple on them.

I love this recipe.

Most of the morning was spent de-nastifying the house.  It amazes me how much dirt comes in on the soles of our winter shoes.  No matter how often I wash the floor and the rugs there is perpetually gravel everywhere.  It needs to be spring.  Flip flops don't hold gravel in the soles.

Lunch was Costco sausage and green beans.  My kids love kielbasa.  It's probably because they're half Polish and half German.  Ethnically we're programmed to eat sausage.
Don't let my sausage intimidate you.

After lunch while the girl child had a play date and the boy children were "napping" I mad a shitload of toaster waffles.  We're having a breakfast pot-luck at the box next Sunday and I said I'd bring waffles.  I hope I have enough.

That's 37 waffles.

Of course I had to taste test one.

It passed.

I sent the spawn outside for an hour and a half this afternoon.  The temperature was perfect for it and they've been whining to go out for weeks.  They made many footprints in the yard and dug many holes in the snow.  Here's hoping they sleep well tonight.

For dinner I made oven chicken fingers.  My kids love these things.  Slice chicken breasts into fingers, soak them in buttermilk for anywhere from 1-4 hours, then coat with crushed cornflakes.  Bake on racks for 10-12 minutes at 400 degrees.  They crisp a bit while they cool.  Definitely not Paleo, but my kids eat the shit out of them and they are better than mystery nuggets.  For myself I made bacon wrapped scallops, which I really need to stop eating because they are becoming an expensive addiction.  Like heroin, but without the diseases.
And broccoli, because broccoli.

My skin is so dry that my hands hurt.  Tonight I'm early to bed with my hands slathered with ointment and tucked into socks.  I have to get this under control or my hands will be on fire during my run tomorrow.  

The clocks switch forward...I wonder if that will increase my odds of sleeping until 7am?

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