Thursday, March 13, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 78

This cold snap needs to shove off.  How am I supposed to convince myself that Spring is coming if it's going to be 20 degrees?  Throw me a bone, Mother Nature.

I'm going to rant just a teeny bit for a second. An organization called Freedom From Religion is making a big stink about the Mayor of GB inviting the pope to visit the city. They say a government official shouldn't be reaching out to a religious figure. I think they need to unclench their asses.

Is the pope a religious figure?  Yes. He is. But he's also a cultural figure.  He's in non-religious publications, he's discussed on the news, and his words are broadcast all over the world-including on motherfucking Twitter.  There's a damn magazine devoted to him (with a centerfold) being published in Italy.  He's like Kim Kardashian, only not vapid and irrelevant.  This guy doesn't just make religious policy, he actually makes social policy through the vehicle of religion.  If the pope comes to Green Bay?  I'm going to see him, and I am atheist. 

Ok.  Rant over.  PS, you should totally follow @TheTweetofGod on Twitter.  That shit is awesome.

On to the Menu!
I went to the box this morning for mobility Thursday.  It involved something called Quad Smashing and a safe word.  It was pretty awful.  I used the safe word.

Before going in I ate half a RxBar which approximates a 1 block snack.  It worked out pretty well.
The coconut Cacao ones are better.

I ate the other half as my mid-morning snack.

Breakfast was three blocks of identical to yesterday.  We have these grapefruit, so I might as well eat them.  I'm working up the nerve to try bulletproof coffee pre-WOD.

This was a great grapefruit.

Our fridge is full of leftovers, so I finished up the smashed chicken and a bag of snap peas that have been languishing in the veggie drawer for a week or so.  I also took the leftover guac to slap on my chicken.  It was sooooooo good.  Approximately 3 blocks for lunch.

Dinner was leftovers because our oven door is broken.  While my husband is attempting to fix it I made use of the microwave to nuke a kielbasa and the toaster oven to roast some broccoli.  According to the Zone book 2oz of kielbasa = 1 block, so this is about a 4 block sausage (heh. sausage.).  This is about 1 block of broccoli and considering how fatty the kielbasa is I didn't add any fats.  The grapes in the freezer are the other 2 blocks of my carbs.  I couldn't cook enough broccoli in the toaster oven to get up to 4 blocks.  Ah well.

I saw a recipe for banana chocolate paleo ice cream today.  That is getting made at some point.  Perhaps this weekend.  Ice cream and crepes.  Sounds pretty Zoney, yeah?

The 14.3 WOD announcement is in like 5 minutes.  I am terrified and excited all at once.  Tomorrow I'll do 14.3 at 5:15am rain or shine.

Oh, and Hip Hop Yoga?  Is totally happening tomorrow night.  5:30pm at Jenstar Yoga in DePere.  Who's coming with me?

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