Friday, March 14, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 79

Today was a long and active one!  Started with 14.3 at 5:15am and ended with hot yoga at 5:30pm. There was also a walk outside in there, so I'm calling this day a win.

Yoga wasn't hip hop, because the instructor forgot.  She offered those of us who came for hip hop yoga a free class because of it.  I'm going to take her up on it next Friday night.  I really wanna do yoga to rap music.  Badly.

I really don't know how I feel about yoga.  I've taken classes at the Y and at various studios over the years.  Maybe I just don't get the yoga vibe.  I like the stretching and the core work, but I don't think I'm getting out of it what I'm supposed to be getting.  When people ask me "How was yoga?" I'm always like "Ummm...okay?  I guess?"  I can't tell what "good" yoga is.

I know what good CrossFit is.  It's when I finish a workout that seemed impossible, or seemed doable but got really shitty in the middle, and I'm laying on the floor thinking that if I died right then that would be fine.  Then I get up off the floor and there's a sweat angel where I was contemplating death.

I know what good running is.  It's when I'm moving with perfect fluidity and I feel that all the pistons and fulcrums of my body are operating with a synchronicity that makes my heart sing.  It's when I finish and I'm sweaty and tired but still grinning like a fucking idiot.

Yoga?  I don't know.  I mean, I know it's useful.  It helps with flexibility and balance and static strength.  But so does Pilates and I'm allowed to talk during Pilates.  In a yoga class I always feel like I'm supposed to be having some kind of spiritual revelation or something.  No one laughs or talks and the music is always some kind of new-agey stuff that's supposed to help you find your center or some shit.  The instructor always tries to walk you through your mind-garden or somewheres with imagery and breathing and intentions.

Whenever a yoga instructor says to set an intention I find myself thinking "I will not fart in downward dog.  I will not fart in downward dog."  I'm pretty sure that's not what she means.  I also find my mind wandering to my to do list or a rerun of my last WOD or my favorite show or the book that I'm reading.  I can't focus on my breathing for very long.  And I fall asleep in savasana.  Always.  It's 60 fucking seconds and I can't stay awake.  Does that count as "releasing the day"?  I find unconsciousness pretty relaxing...

Anyway, that's why I was stoked for hip hop yoga.  I thought it might change the mood up from something serious to something fun.  I'll give it another go next week.

I'm also going to give 14.3 another go on Monday.  Because I really want that 185.

On to the menu!
I was the laziest eater today.  To the hospital cafeteria for breakfast.
It's Zoney.

Grabbed an apple and took it for a walk.  
A pink lady.  

Went out for a fajita lunch.
Weirdly, with the guac it's pretty much a 3 block lunch.

I ate a clementine in the afternoon.  Forgot to photograph it.  I grabbed a RxBar to eat on the way to yoga. I didn't have time for dinner, but knew I needed to eat.

RxBar to the rescue!!

After yoga I came home and had some fresh beef roast.  That shit was mooing two months ago.  It was delicious.  I roasted the last of my Costco broccoli.  No added fats because beef roast is pretty fatty and I roasted the veg in olive oil.

I swear there's like 4oz of meat under there.

So today was a good one.  Got a deadlift PR (a tiny one, but still), got a nice walk, got in some hot yoga, and lots of good food.  Can't beat that.  I have the weekend off, then go into next week with a third of our office staff on vacation.  It's gonna be interesting.  Since this is actually the last day I'll ever work with my partner, he made me a little "vacation survival kit"/farewell gift.  Good coffee, tea, Larabars, and fruit.  My other office mate threw in some snazzy running socks and schmancy loose leaf tea.  Wasn't that nice?

The smalls will be spending spring break with their cousins and grandparents.  They are really excited.  It helps me out quite a bit because I won't have to be stressing about the kids while I'm stressing about the office (which actually makes me less stressed about the office).  Tomorrow I'm heading out for 11 or so miles with a friend and Sunday is a little CFGB fun before going to the in-laws with the spawn.  

Next week I'm going to hit the gym hard.  If I can't eat my stress I'll lift it.  And I'll end the week with hip hop yoga...and my boys' 4th birthday.  That's just fucking crazy.  They're just noisy little calendars.

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