Saturday, March 29, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 94

Ow.  That's all I have to say about how I feel today.  I am drug-free for the first time in a week, which is pretty damn awesome, but I'm so sore from Friday morning that putting on my seatbelt made me whimper a little.  Just a little stuffy and mucus-y and I can deal with that.

I was relatively productive today considering the screaming glut of lactic acid swimming around in my muscle tissue.  I did some laundry, cleaned the first floor and did some dishes.  I also loaded up the spawn and made a trip to Target for a couple of birthday gifts for a party the boys are going to tomorrow.  I am deeply proud of myself for that.  I bought and wrapped gifts for a party more than 2 hours in advance.  That's big fucking deal, because I am the girl who stops at Target on the way to the wedding to purchase a gift.  And a gift bag, because you can't wrap shit in the back of your car without it looking a bit slapdash.

The kids were actually pretty good in the store. They stayed with me and didn't even get too squirrely in the toy section.  I let them pick out toothpaste and we got some milk and bananas.  Very exciting.  At the checkout they were looking at all the flotsam hanging on pegs and pretty much chorused "Can we have a treat?"  I looked at them and said "I'm not sure why you think 10 minutes of walking around a store without a major meltdown warrants a treat, but you're not getting one."  P just shrugged.  My daughter said "Daddy always gets us one" to which I responded "Well, that's a pretty bold lie".  Keep in mind that none of them cried and none of them fussed, just a little discussion.  I'm pretty sure the woman in line behind me snorted, but I can't be sure.

On to the menu!
I have wanted to make waffles for a week, but I'm out of almond butter. This morning I wanted to make banana pancakes, but the green bananas my husband bought are the type that will never be yellow.  You know that type?  When you buy a bunch of yellow and a bunch of green, but you eat all the yellow and a week later the green ones are still bright green and hard as rocks?  Yeah.  Those.  So I decided to make pumpkin pancakes, because I had pumpkin.  I used Sunbutter in the recipe and they turned out great.  Funny little kitchen chemistry thing I forgot, though.  If you sub sunbutter into a recipe with baking soda in it?  Whatever you make will turn green.  Isn't oxidation grand?  So when you see these pancakes again (and you will, because the recipe made 3 or 4 servings) they will be weirdly discolored and/or emerald green.  Cool, huh?

Spice cakes always look dark.

I spent my morning de-nastifying the house so after I put lunch on the table for the kids I was too lazy to do much beyond fishing for leftovers.


The kids "napped" and I went to my room and locked the door so I could shower and get dressed in peace and privacy.  I also remade the bed and tidied up a bit.  Not much, but a bit.  I did a little reading and had a brief moment of "Ermahgerd!  Cosmos is on tonight!" and then I remembered that today is Saturday and Cosmos is on Sunday night.  Then I was bummed out because I'm a big fucking nerd.

I roasted a head of cauliflower for the first time tonight.  It was better than steamed, but I'm still pretty "meh" on cauliflower in it's original form.  Went reasonably well with leftover meatloaf.
Not terribly colorful.

I made shamrock shakes, but I should've made them last night instead.  The avocados that were so perfect yesterday?  Yeah.  That fucking evil slut avocado was half brown  when I cut it open tonight.  So there's only half an avocado in the recipe.  I also used kale to make it green today instead of spinach as I have kale and do not have spinach.  Genius.  It doesn't appreciably change the flavor, since peppermint extract pretty much obliterates all other flavors.  Kale doesn't obliterate quite as well, though.  I was lusting after the Vitamix blenders at Target today.  But they were $400, and I'm not that devoted to kale smoothies.

I have good intentions of hitting the gym tomorrow, for Pilates if nothing else.  The boys are off to bounce at a birthday party, and aside from grocery shopping and a load of laundry I don't have much else to do.  I love that.  Because I am really, really lazy.

I might go to bed at 8 tonight.  Unless I'm too lazy to climb the stairs.

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